this story is based kind of around Amanda Todd. Because Amanda Todd did one silly mistake and everone picked on her. Those people who picked on her made her comit sewaside. NO one should get bullied into doing anything they dont wanna do. if your getting bullied tell someone.My story is called Ashamed and its about this girl called Lily who did one silly mistake that lead to her jumping in front of a train.


1. My life was great

I heard my mum wake up, she shouted my name up the staires. She shouted Lily its time to get up! I walked down staires to find my mum and dad smileing at me in a strange way. I asked what they was smileing at me in a strange way for.My mum said i had a early birthday pressent.I quickly un-wrapped it and it was a laptop, my very own had a note saying Dear Lily, hope you like your pressent love Mum and Dad. I was shocked that my Mum and Dad had actually bought me a laptop It was the frist time that i ever had a laptop. I never went to school as mum taught me.

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