Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


8. Secret Goes Out

Harry's POV

Why the fuck would caroline do that? Oh i know because I'm the famous Harry Styles, why did I even date her? She always wore cake-face makeup, she always wore the sluttiest clothes ever, she cheated on me many time but I was just so stupid enough to realize that. 
"Harry are you okay?" I look back and see Sarah standing there.
"Were you crying?" she asked worried, I looked at the mirror and I realized there were some tears in my eyes, I quickly rub them off.
"No, something came inside them" yeah harry just lie another lie.
"Well lets watch some TV, I'm sort of bored", responding with a smile I agreed, she had the remote in her hand and started flipping through the channels when suddenly....

"Hey that guy....." She pauses, shit ! I knew this would have happened !
"Sarah listen, I can explain to you!"
"Well explain now" she sounded angry with a bit of tears forming.
"Okay, Well I'm Harry Styles, I'm in a band called One Direction, am I famous? yes I am, do I like it? Not always people always make up rumors about me, but Sarah please don't leave, I'm sorry I didnt you, I was scared thats all please stay...."
"Whos Caroline?"
"She's my ex I told you who cheated on me...."
'Then why is she saying that you cheated on her? Tell me"
"She's saying lies ! Sarah she cheated on me, the only reason why she wants to get back with me is because of fame, because I'm Harry Styles, not because I'm Harry the guy who was born in Holmes Chapel, Sarah please believe me" a tear went down my cheek, she got closer, closer I was scared on what she was about to do, I started breathing deeply then suddenly she placed her lips on mine, she kissed me and it felt good, I felt as if I was in heaven, she pulled away.
"Ummmm....a...."  she started stuttering 
"Do you believe me Sarah?" I asked
"I do Harry" she smiled back, her smile was beautiful, I can never get tired of her.
"So what are we now?" I asked
"Harry its still early, lets spend more time together, then we can be a thing"
"Okay Sarah, anything for you" I gave her a small peck on the forehead.
"I love you Sarah"
"I love you too Harry"

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