Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


2. Sarah? What A Lovely Name

Sarah's POV

I woke up finding myself in the hospital's bedroom with a slight pain in my abdomen, I look around and I see a curly haired guy he was asleep and honestly he actually looks cute while he's asleep. He starts lifting his head and rubbing his eyes "Ohh you're awake" as he said it with his deep british accent, "I'm Harry btw", "I'm Sarah" I said it smiling, "Sarah, what a lovely name it is" I start to blush, looking down I see bruises and cuts everywhere remembering what happened, I hope jim doesn't find me. 

Harry's POV

She looked beautiful even with the bruises, she still looked beautiful her sea blue shining eyes looked sad though as if something's wrong I mean i wanted to ask her why was that man wanted to kill her but i guess now's a bad time. The door opens and its the doctor "Good Morning Mrs.Sarah how are you feeling today?" "I feel okay but I had a slight pain in my abdomen" she says. "Its okay after 2 weeks you'll feel better just take these medications and it will stop the pain, anyways thank god the cut in your stomach wasn't deep if you want you can get out of the hospital now since you're recovered"  I look at her and her eyes were filled with sadness "I dont have a home" she said with the a sad tone, "Come with me" I offered, she looks at me and says "but...i dont know you well...and..i dont know" "Dont worry nothing's going to happen to you I promise" Her face was lighten up a little, she looked at me and our eyes met, her sea blue eyes meeting my emmarild green eyes, I think I'm starting to forget about caroline now. I call paul telling him to come to the hospital immediately and trying to show up with a van, I dont want the paparazzi attacking us with there questions. 

Sarah's POV

Harry's a nice guy plus the guy is beautiful but I'm a bit scared, I dont know the guy well but for some reason when our eyes met I felt my heart was racing just by looking into his deep green eyes i felt safe, he turns around "What are you smiling about love?" did he just call me love? I starting blushing again and started to smile even wider, "ummm nothing.." I stutter, my heart started racing again I think Im falling in love with him, no sarah no ! you dont know him ! but for some reason i want to be around him, i want to feel safe and the only time i feel that is when Im around him; sure we only met but I dont know i want to be his.

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