Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


1. Let Me Go

Sarah's POV

I cant stand this anymore, I need to run away, I need to escape from this life. "SARAH COME DOWN NOW OR I'LL COME AND BEAT YOU UP!" hearing my step-dad as he's coming up, "No!" I shouted "Leave me alone you bastard!" I was on the verge of tears I needed to run away but how?

Jim's POV

I need to kill that son of a bitch, she's the reason why my wife is dead ! "well hello there bitch" I say as I point the gun at her, she needed to die. She doesn't deserve to live, for Amy's life I will kill her.

Sarah's POV 

He pointed the gun at me, what should I do? I start to walk backwards as he moves forward then I realize behind me is a window, I start running to it and without ever opening it I run through it, glass everywhere, I fall to the ground hurting my leg "Ouu no sarah keep on running sarah stand up and RUN" Im running as fast as I can, I had a huge cut on my stomach and other cuts on my arms and legs but that didnt stop me, I continued running and ohh did I mention it was 1am in the morning also? I bet Jim's looking for me now Im scared I need someone to help me. Suddenly i see a shadow behind me and it had a knife.

Jim's POV .

She was there, in front of me with blood coming out of her body, I can't wait till she's dead. Starting to walk slowly, now Im only few inches away now it's my chance.

Harry's POV

Ugh I'm fed up with this, how can caroline cheat on me? I LOVED HER, and I poured my heart out to her I decided to go out for a walk I just needed to forget her, while I was walking I saw across the street a girl she looks injured and behind was a man with a knife, my eyes widen as I ran across the street screaming "GET AWAY FROM HER" the man looks at me as I punch him in the face I look at the girl and she was full of cuts and blood "Are you okay?!" I ask worrying "" and then she fainted, I knew something was wrong, I saw some taxis and I called one in "where do you want to go sir?" "Hospital now!!" 




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