Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


4. Everyone Meet Sarah

Harry's POV

We finally arrived to my flat but I fot orgot that the boys were there, they're going to bombard her with questions so I decided to call louis before we go in "Harry ! Where have you been?! we're worried sick !" apparently louis very worried "Don't worry louis I'm alright but listen when i was walking yesterday i met this girl..and she was bruised and had cuts all over her arms and a huge one on her stomach and I took her to the hospital and alll anyways lou ! dont bombard her with questions and tell the boys that too ! she's sensitive" "Don't worry hazza we wont hurt her or make her uncomfortable" "thanks lou! you're the best !" we both hung up now it's time to go in, sarah was already waiting outside "wow! i love your house !" she said widen her eyes as she looks around "its not that big but i hope you like it" she looked at me smiling, I hold her and we both walk in "Who's that lovely babe?!" Zayn says with chicken in his mouth "Zayn don't talk with your math full ! Hi I'm Louis" saying while giving zayn a small slap, "hehe I'm sarah" she looked shy I hope she doesnt have feelings for him, what the hell are you saying harry?! remember you only met her now "Everyone meet Sarah !" she looked down with a smirk on her face when I said it and her face was a bit red, I love it when she blushs.

Sarah's POV

Harry's friends are weird but in a unique way, and apparently harry's the youngest and he's only 18 same age as me ! Louis was the eldest from the five friends and he's a bit sassy too, Liam's nice when i first came in he offered me some food which apparently he took it from his friend's plate Niall, Niall's the second youngest and he's the irish of the band, and he suree loves his food, Zayn is Vain he loves his looks but he's not obsessed about he just likes to take care of himself; then we have the cheeky Harry there was something about him that I can't resist am I having feelings for him? I mean everytime our eyes meet my hearts starts pounding and I feel butterflies in my stomach, okay sure I might have a small crush on him but the important question do I love him?

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