Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


5. Chocolate, Roses & Movies

Harry's POV

After Sarah met the boys, I decided to do something nice for her; I thought maybe a movie would be nice, so I went through my movie collection I want something romantic so I chose The Notebook mhhmm but i felt something's missing, oh snacks ! When I got the snacks and everything I started looking for Sarah 'cause well I did this for her and I wanted her to enjoy it, I went to the kitchen no sign of her....I went to our rooms still no sign of her...I thought maybe she's in the backyard and she was there, sitting on the bench looking at the stars, I sat next to her and it made her jump a little "oh hey harry" awww cuttie she was blushing, "hi sarah" I  gave her a small kiss on the cheek and it made her smile, the moment was perfect we talked about each other and our favorite stuff then I remember why did I come out here "ohh sarah I almost forgot umm I set up the DVD for us to watch The Notebook, wanna watch it with me?" shit I sounded nervous and a bit shaky too, What if she'll say no? "Sure I'd love to watch a movie with you" just her saying that made me calm, I held her hand and walked inside the house I pressed PLAY and sat down, her head was lying on my chest so I started playing with her hair, she a dirty blonde/ligh brown-ish color and I loved the curls of her hair "harry what are you doing?" she says with a giggle, "just playing with your curls" she lifted her head up and looked at me "You have gorgeous eyes btw" she said, it made me blush a little "ThankYou I love your eyes too" she made a little giggle again looking down, God she's beautiful I can look at her all day, I lifted her head and looked deep into her eyes I came closer....closer...our lips were about to touch until RINGRINGRING ugh ! it ruined the moment ! i look at the caller ID and it was caroline..
"What do you want Caroline?" I say with an angry tone
"Harry baby, I'm sorry for cheating on you please lets get back together"
"No, I dont want you"
"Harry Styles ! if you dont get back with me, I will torture your ever future girlfriend oh you know what? I'm going to say you cheated on me!"
"I dont care caroline bye" and I hung upp
"who was that?" Said Sarah
"My ex we recently broke up, she cheated on me with another guy"
"Ohh its okay harry, I'm sure you'll find someone better"
Sarah I already found a someone, and I'm deeply inlove with this person
Its you....


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