Forever And Ever

Shhhh if you want to know about the story; come and read it


6. BreakFast Time

Harry's POV 

She looks adorable when she's asleep, not that I watched her in her sleep or anything but when the movie ended I look down and she was already sleeping, so I gently got up and replaced a pillow in the place of my lap, put on a nice cozy blanket and slept on the floor I didnt want to leave her I don't know why, I start playing with her hair a little removing the strays of hair off her face, her eyes started opening.

"Good Morning Sarah"
"When did I sleep?" She asked in a sleepy tone

"Well you slept in the middle of the movie" I said with a smile
"Ohh Sorry, Good Morning Harry"
I gave her a good morning kiss on the forhead, it would be better than lips for a while.
"Haaaarrreeeehhhhh I'm starrvviiinngggg!" whined niall
"Okay nialler, I'll be in the kitchen and cook food after 5 minutes"
"You cook?" Sarah Asked
"Yeah, is that weird or something?"
"No its just I never saw a guy cook before, I find it a bit funny but a very gentlemen thing of you"
I blushed, so right now I'm a gentlemen, well that's a good start maybe she'll be the only girlfriend that doesnt think I'm a player or something like that.

Sarah's POV

Harry cooks thats sweet, I've always wanted a guy who cooks for me.
"So Harry what are you going to do?"
"Well what do you wants for breakfast?"
"I have a sudden crave for waffles with chocolate Syrup, Bacon and Eggs"
He looked at me in a funny way.
"What? yes I have a sudden crave for american breakfast now is that wrong?" I said with a funny face.
"Hahahahahah no not at all, Its good to change for a while"

Harry looked as an amazing chief, I mean I'm the girl and I dont know how to do eggs but atleast I can bake, anyways back to harry I saw the way he'd open the eggs, put the waffle in the waffle maker, he's good.
"Hmmmmmm is that waffle I smell?" Said Lou
"No shit lou, ofcourse its waffles"Said Zayn
"OkayOkay Zayn calm your tittes"Said Lou
They both laughed, Louis is funny sometimes and protective sometimes
"Hazza? BooBear? They're nicknames arent they?"
"Yes they are Sarah, you even have to know what the f..." Zayn stopped 'cause Harry's hand was on his mouth.
I looked confuse what's Harry hiding from me?
"Is there something wrong?" I asked
"No no nothing everything's normal now lets go eat shall we?" Harry stuttered 
Whats wrong harry?
What are you hiding?
*30 minutes later*
After a long 30 minutes of awkward silence between Harry and I, I finally asked him 
"Harry whats wrong? What are you hiding?"
"Its nothing dont worry" He said with a smile
I looked worried yet confused, He gave me a kiss on the cheek
"I'll tell you later I promise"
His words calmed me down now lets just forget about this subject and enjoy the day.

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