I gutta feelin..

Violex has just moved to London. There she meets five very cool guys. She has no parents and no foster parents, BUT she does have foster every thing or should I say everyone else. later on in the story she will find that she is the niece of someone that is very close to the boys, let me give you a clue, it's not Simon or Paul but another person. She is the cousin of someone the boys absolutely adore... Have you guessed who it is?


7. ••++**^^%%##PLEASE READ##%%^^**++••

{#%^*+_\|~£€¥• PLEASE READ•¥€£~|\_+*^%#}
So I'm kinda stumped here guys I really need ideas!! What should happen oh I wanna add a new female character in so... Please enter your
Haire style/color
Eye color
Instrument you play (if you don't play an instrument just make one up)
Clothes you wear

This is gunna be a girl for Liam 0kay??

I'm going to update this exact not again and again untill I get a character!
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