I gutta feelin..

Violex has just moved to London. There she meets five very cool guys. She has no parents and no foster parents, BUT she does have foster every thing or should I say everyone else. later on in the story she will find that she is the niece of someone that is very close to the boys, let me give you a clue, it's not Simon or Paul but another person. She is the cousin of someone the boys absolutely adore... Have you guessed who it is?


3. Oh come on!

As Zayn spun the bottle Niall held me tighter the bottle landed on Liam " dare!" Liam shouted 
" alrighty Then I dare you to... Break up with a fork!!! " Liam ran out of the room and into the kitchen we heard him yelp in fright           we all ran into the kitchen  he was sprawled on the floor with a scared look on his face. "oh Liam what happened?" I asked sternly "I saw them in the draw the s-spoons!!" everyone sighed in relief  "we had thought you had hurt yourself!" Zayn shouted Liam whimpered and stumbled up "let's watch a movie instead!" I went into the hall where I had left them and pulled out The Skeleton Key I hated this movie because it was really scary but I wanted to act tough so I put it in the player "what is it bayyybe " Niall asked "not tellin!!" I went and sat on his lap but something was poking my but I got up and looked he had a slight boner! He blushed and went and turned off the lights I sat where he had and got comfy he came back over and sat on me "Niall....I...can't...breath...." I wheezed he laughed and stood up then picked me up and put me on his shoulders ran around the couch the I got off and sat on his lap and with that I enjoyed the movie.
Many many times I jumped coz it was so scary I always had Niall with his arms around me though.
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