I gutta feelin..

Violex has just moved to London. There she meets five very cool guys. She has no parents and no foster parents, BUT she does have foster every thing or should I say everyone else. later on in the story she will find that she is the niece of someone that is very close to the boys, let me give you a clue, it's not Simon or Paul but another person. She is the cousin of someone the boys absolutely adore... Have you guessed who it is?


2. 5 guys

As the taxi pulled up outside my house I gazed Up at it wow it was very modern . I walked inside and went into a room it was the kitchen wow it already had a fridge, oven/stove, microwave and knife set. I walked into another room the lounge it had a couch and a flat screen TV. I heard a knock at the door I went and opened it 5 guys were standing there. One Direction. They were holding out a basket full of stuff. I wanted to play it cool soo "hello would you like to come in?" I politely asked them "sure" Niall said cheerfully they walked inside "so what is your name?" Liam asked neatly "Violex" their mouthes hung open "what?" I could hear the insecurity creeping into my voice "nothing that's just the perfect name for you" Niall stated "what do you mean??" I was panicking now. " what he means is that you have a perfect name to match a perfect girl" Liam Payne was flirting with me. Omigod.  "ooh Liam's gotta cwush" Harry was taunting him, Niall diddnt look happy. Liam blushed. Omigod " I'm sorry guys I would offer you something to eat but I'm afraid I don't have any food. Like at all. Whatsoever " I said "well in that case lets go shopping!!!" Zayn exclaimed and for the second time that day a chorus of yeahs wen up in the air 
"my car is parked out the front I suggested Lou and Zayn were half way there already "I'll drive!" Harry said as he hopped in "um Violex your car only has five seats?!" Zayn stated "oh um Niall could I sit on your lap?" I shyly asked him 
"sure why not?" he looked very pleased. Liam looked very pissed. Omigod Niall and Liam like me! I'm about to faint. As I walked past  Liam to get in the car I stroked his arm softly, his face lit up.  As I sat on Niall he put his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear "will you be my girlfriend?" omigod?!!! Liam diddnt hear him "Niall!!! Yes!!! Of course!!" Liam looked up Niall smirked at him poor liam just broke up with dani and is looking for a replacement well I'm with Niall now! he kissed my cheek we were now at the grocery store I went through the iles sitting in the trolley and Niall was pushing me I just had to point at stuff and the boys would grab it off the shelfs on the way home I was on Nialls lap when Louis shouted "shit!!" "what" I said panicked "paps have been following us!" Zayn cried "ya think we could crash at yours?" Niall whispered in my ear "um guys my house I four bedroomed and we have a couch?" I asked them "Violex you truly are a life saver" Harry said from the front and he pulled in at the front drive Harry got out and opened the door for me and Niall. It was raining so we all ran inside I noticed that there was an extra couch in the lounge  "what the " I asked Lou held up his hand "guilty! Um well I knew We all wouldn't fit on the one couch so I rung our manager " oh 
"thanks" I told him he smiled and sprawled On the blue one " oooh I'm sleepin here tonite!" he cried.
I laughed at him and asked what we should do "truth or dare!!" Lou yelled "okay" Liam said mischievously Niall gave him a warning glare.
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