I gutta feelin..

Violex has just moved to London. There she meets five very cool guys. She has no parents and no foster parents, BUT she does have foster every thing or should I say everyone else. later on in the story she will find that she is the niece of someone that is very close to the boys, let me give you a clue, it's not Simon or Paul but another person. She is the cousin of someone the boys absolutely adore... Have you guessed who it is?


1. Oh geez..,

I woke up looking at the ceiling and seeing my celeb crush "Mitchel Musso you are an amazing guy" I said to the poster. "Hun breakfast is ready" yelled Shayla from downstairs and with that I padded down the stairs.
"SURPRISE" omigod all of my mates and family are here, there must be at least 50 people here. "happy birthday bayyybe" Shayla said to me " um thanks!!?!!" I said and then I noticed my brother sniggering at a camera I went over to him and he wished me a happy bday and then told me to look in the mirror. Oh. Shit. I ran upstairs to get organized and dressed I put on some turquoise jeans, a flowy blue top, my fidora that has a blue hatband and some metallic blue converses. I looked good. Hair. I have strange hair all different colors  purple, orange, green, blue, red blonde, brown and black. I brushed it and added hairspray. Mint! Makeup some green eye shadow some gloss oh I don't need foundation my skin is perfect. I run downstairs again and I'm greeted by a kizillion flashes and clicks. " arghh!!!! The light it burns!!!" they laugh and then Brandon (my brother) yells out " present timmmme!!!!!" a chorus of yeahs ring through the room two of my cousins pick me up and put me on my 'throne' the first gift was big and squashy I rip it open to reveal a huge teddy "awww" I thank my brother and someone gives me a small card inside I see 1,000 dollars and I scream omigod thank you nannytrisha I scream and put it carefully on the table beside me the next pne was a card as well inside was a ticket 
" um ma this is a ticket to London?" "yes darling just wait" next was a peice of newspaper I looked at it and saw a three storie building, a house. It was circled in red. I looked at my Aunty and uncle they nodded " no way did you buy this for me! " I yelled excitedly they nodded again I yelped a pathetic noise really. The next was a gift card for 10,000 bucks at a furniture shop my mouth hung open. The next was another card inside was a 1D ticket and a backstage pass the rest was normal stuff like clothes shoes money someone gave me a photo of my house but it had a blue ferrari in the drive they told me that the car was mine too. my 18th birthday was the best day of my life.
After everyone went home I went upstairs and packed every thing in the two monstrous purple suitcases billy and angel gave me one was full to the brim with clothes shoes bags and make up the other one had every thing else in it.
"Can all our passengers turn their cellphones off and put their seatbelts on. That will be all. Thank you for flying with Qantas"
I put my phone on flight mode and put my seat belt on. I got out my laptop and started to design my bed room on this design app.
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