Remember the day we first met and talked folr hours on end. Spent as much time together as we could.


1. Remember

Remember the first day we met

How we talked for hours on end

The way we spent as much time

Together as possible


The way you always told me to smile

How you put up pictures of angels

For me, how happy I was

How you loved my comments to you


Enjoyed my poems

How we looked for each other


How you would send me comments


The way you stood up for me

How you showed respect for me

The way when you had to be gone

You would always tell me


I may not be here

But I'm always with you

I always think of you

I'm still with you


No matter how far or near

The way I wrote a poem

To you each day or a comment

I would say to every night


I would hold your hand

Hug you tight

Whisper in your ear

Darling I love you and always will


You would tell me

I'm your blanket that warms you

At night

Say a prayer for you


How much we loved one another

Remember all the things

Remember all the times we had

When you realize , what you had


I will still be here

That won't change

I remember it all

I will always


Remember you

How our love will never end

I know you still love me

No matter what you say


You stayed with me to long

To let it all go






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