Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


9. Who?

Emma's POV

We're all sitting down eating the pancakes Zayn made for us when Niall's phone goes off, "Hello" Niall says with his Irish accent. We all just sit there silently eating. "Wait I'll ask." Niall says and turns to us, "Are we free today? Theres a small party today with Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Kesha and Reece Mastin.", The boys look at each other and nod. "Yes we are, can we have a few guests though?" Niall asks "Great! Ok bye." Niall hangs up. "Woohoo! I get to meet Demi lovato!" Niall says happily, we laugh.  "What time does it start?" Louis asks, Niall replys "Half an hour.". "Ok we'll leave in ten minutes." Liam says. I walk into my room to get changed. I pick a flowy summer dress and put a belt around it, I wear light red ballet flats. I walk out to the dining room to find that everyone was waiting for me. "Come on slow coach!" Louis says playfully and I giggle. We walk to the cars, Sharni, Jamie, Harry and I go in one car and the others go in another.
Skip Car Ride!
When we arrive at the party Niall goes straight to Demi. Harry, Zayn and Reece talk laugh about something. Liam starts talking to Louis but then Kesha comes over and they all start talking. Sharni, Jamie and I start talking to each other because we don't know anyone famous. "Omg, I love Demi's shoes!" Sharni says. "Boo!" Justin Bieber scares me and my friends, OH GOD! Justin Bieber?! he's actually talking to us? "H...hi Ju..Justin" Jamie says, Jamie is also a Justin bieber fan. I like Justins music but he would be just a friend for me. "Hey! In case you didn't know I'm Justin" He says smiling. "Hey Justin." I say. "Hi Justin, I'm Sharni." Sharni smiles. I hear Jamies brething increase alot, then she faints. "Oh God!" Justin says kneeling on the ground beside her. "Whats her name?" Justin says getting out his phone, "Jamie." I say kneeling beside Justin. "Jamie? Oh My God! are you ok?" I say squeezing her hand. Sharni is telling all the boys. "Ok the ambulance is on the way." Justin says and puts a hand on my bacK, I nod. "I know this isn't the time but, whats your name" He says grinning. "Emma but my friends call me Em." I say back to him. "Cute." Justin smiles at me then looks back at Jamie.  Justin is really nice ;) . Jamies eyes flutter open, "What happened?" She asks. "You fainted." Justin says. "Because of:" I say and point at Justin, he smiles then laughs. "Feeling better?" Justin asks. She nods then laughs. The ambulance comes and a paramedic tells Jamie that she passed out because she got overheated. Jamie pulls me so that we are alone then says, "Niall hasn't talked to me since we got here, He's just been talking to Demi.", "Aww Jamie, do you want me to talk to him?" I say hugging her. "Nah he might think I'm the overly obsesed girlfriend." she says and laughs abit, "Ok but what do ya' think of Justin?" I say smiling, Jamie smiles and says "Omg! I love him, but of coarse I love Niall more.", "Yeah I know you love him. We should get back." I say and jamie nods. I start walking and Jamie joins. I see Sharni and Justin together, Justin looks up and sees us, he says grinning "Hey! they're back!" Jamie and I giggle. "So I was just talking about how much I love Supra shoes!" Justin say and I laugh. "Yes, he's got heaps and heaps of them!" Sharni says and smiles. "So yeah girls, what sort of things do you like?" Justin asks, "I love spongebob! Oh and I am  a big fan of you!" Jamie says grinning from ear to ear, "Oh do you want me to sign anything or take a picture with you?"  Justin kindly asks. Jamie nods, I pull out my Iphone to take a photo of them, aww Jamie and Justin look like a couple! Jamies arms are around him and Justins arm is around her. I snap a picture of them. "Hey Em do you want a picture with me?" Justin looks at me with his gorgeus eyes. "Uhh ok" I nod and smile.  Justin puts both arms around me, where as I only put one around him. I take a photo of us and show him, "aww looks good" He says. He asks and smiles, "Can I have your number?" I nod and we switch phones to put the numbers in. Near the end of the party Justin texts me:
From Justin
Can we meet l8er? (later)

I text back yes and watch him until he gets the text.
Meeting Bieber
"Hey Beautiful!" Justin greets me and I blush, "Hey" I say and hug him. "So did you bring your bathers?" Justin asks, "Yeah they're under my clothes." We walk out to the pool Justin has. "Wow!" I say stunned the pool looks amazing. Justin laughs. Justin takes his top off then stands on the edge of the pool, I run and puch him in. We burst out laughing, "Hey!" Justin says still laughing. I take my top and shorts off revealing my bikinis. I pin drop into the pool. Justin swims towards me, He puts a arm around me and says "I really like you Em." I blush and say "I really like you to" Then I find myself move closer towards him, We kiss and his kiss deepens. I put my legs around him and kiss him again. What the hell! I am getting married and all I can do is kiss another guy!
When I get home
"Em! come over here!" Jamie says waving hers hands, she pulls Niall's phone out of her pocket. "Look! I was reading Niall's texts." She shows me some of the texts Niall had sent to Demi Lovato.
To Demi
Hey I love you!
come over my house one day so we can sing together. :)
"Jamie, its just a text I can say I love you." I say trying to comfort Jamie. "Yeah but what if he means it?" Jamie say sadly. I shake my head and say "He doesn't trust me!". "Ok" Jamie says and leaves. I cant stop thinking about Justin! Why did I kiss him? Do I like him?! he is nice and all but I have Harry! Or do I?

A/N: for all the Justin Bieber fans, should Em be with Harry or Justin? Tell me what you think with the comment box below! If you haven't liked it yet like it!- Trinity ♥

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