Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


5. Welcome back?

Harry's POV

We all had a great night last night! We had pizza for dinner and hot chocolate. Emma sung I Gotta Feelin'. Oh my God, she's a great singer but she hates admiting it to herself. I love Emma so much, you wouldn't believe it! Buzz, Buzz. thats my phone.

from: Caroline Flack

Hey babe I miss u come back to me! You miss me to don't you!

hugs and kissies ♥ Caroline

Caroline?! I hate her! I send a message back to her.

From: Harry

Just kill yourself. kthnxbye! :)

lol she sent me back this:

from: Caroline

kidding, take a joke, God!

Yeah sure. Emma moves a little then wakes up. "Morning babe."  and I kiss her forehead. "Oh hey!" She smiles. She gets up and goe's into the shower. I fix myself some brekkie. She comes out wrapped in her towel.  " Do you wanna go in the shower?" She asks. "Yeah" I say and start stripping off infront of her.

Emma's POV

I change into a knee high dress with a mid belt. when I hear my phone.I answer, "Hello?", "Oh hey babe its Ruby." a girl with a strange voice answers. "Ruby who?", "Oh don't be so daft its Ruby, your twin sister!" Oh God! Please anything but ruby! I havent seen her since high school, she ruined my life! "Ruby, what do you want?"   I ask her. "Yeah, I'm like in town. I'm outside your flat. So you wanna let me in?" she says. I hang up and let her in. She hugs me and says "So who's in the shower?" Just as she says that Harry comes out. Thank God he's in his towel. "You should of told me you had a hot man in your flat, hey I'm ruby  Emma's twin..." she flirts with him. "Umm hi i'm Harry, Emma's boyfriend." Harry says. "So I was thinking do you guys wanna like go out for lunch?" suggest Ruby.  Harry and I lookat each other, "Ok? 6ish?" I say after a while. "Ok good, I'll look forward to seeing you there." She says and leaves. Harry gives me a puzzled look, "I never knew you had a identical twin sister...?" "Yeah aha, but I hate her! in high school we used to be really popular together, then she and I liked the same guy buy he wanted to date me not her. then she turned against me, she made me a loser, stole all my boy friends and she would get boys to slap me and punch me.." I say trailing off. "Aww babe, come here." Harry puts his hands around my waist then kissed my forehead.

Dinner with the nightmare Ruby.

I wore just a high waisted skirt and a tight  tee. Ruby the slut... came wearing a short skirt and a tight short cut tee and you could see she wasn't wearing a bra.  I hate her! "Hi baby Emmie and look at you handsome Harry!" She said putting her hands around his neck. "Ruby?" Harry said taking her hands off him. During the dinner all Ruby was doing was making me out to being a baby and her flirting with Harry. We invited her back to Harry's flat. "I'll get some drinks." I said going into the kitchen. ok, Zayn and Sharni were making out. they pulled apart as soon as I came in. "Sorry I'm just getting some drinks." I said to them. "Yeah we were just-" "Don't worry." I said cutting Zayn off. I grabbed 3 cups and a bottle of coke. I walk back into the living room to see Ruby with her top off, making out with Harry. "I can't believe you!" I shouted at Harry. "It's not what it looks like." Harry said. "Oh yeah?! I think it is what it looks like!" I shout running to my car with tears streamin down my face. How could he do that?! why would he? I thought he loved me! but I was wrong!

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