Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


13. scars

 Em's POV
I wake up with a massive headache! I feel sick :( . I get out of bed and grab my towel, I have a shower then brush my teeth. I pull out my phone 89 new text messages...? why do I have so many messages?? I read the first message:
From unknown

no likes you, your just a ugly bitch!
you look like shit! dont you dare try to take
away my boyfriend Harry! I hate you! and your
two friends!! STAY AWAY, PIECE OF SHIT!

I read some more messages like that until I put down my phone and head to the kitchen, Harry and Liam were sitting eating their breakfast. "Its over! everyone hates me!" I say to Harry with tears welling in my eyes. Harry has a tear running down his cheek, "Why babe? We..we love each other...right?". I shake my head and say "Who gave your fans my phone number! I love you but I...I can't deal with it!" I say and run to the bathroomand lock it. Where is it! Where is the knife. I hid a knife in the bathroom just in case... I found it! I colapse on the ground then hear Harry outside saying: 'come on babe! I love you! We can fix this!' "Its over!" I cry. I push the blade to my left wrist and cut some more but deeper, its not enough! It does hurt, alot! but not enough... I push the blade into my stomach it hurts soo much! "FUCK!" I shout out in pain. then thats all I remember, my life flashed before my eyes. I was 7 years old again my dad and mum are having another massive fight. then dad shouts "I hate you!" to her and mum is crying alot, mum shouts back "We need too divorce!". Then 3 years later I'm 10 and I witness my mum suicide, thats was the first time I cut my wrist. Bam! I was 15 years old and my dad died from a car crash he was drunk. then when I was 16 I moved to the orphanage and every hated me, they used to call me names. 17 again (ha the movie 17 Again!) I moved into a help centre for cutting myself. Then 1 year later I met Sharni and Jamie, they showed me that someone actually loved me (as a friend). the when I was 18 I met Harry styles and the rest of the boys. Then suddenly I was back in the bathroom, I was lying in the bathroom, blood everywhere. It all happened in slow motion; Harry kicked open the door and him and the rest of the boys with Jamie and Sharni come in, then Black I dont remember anything.

In the hospital;
Harry's POV
I hold Em's right hand, the one which isn't all bandaged up. The doc walk in with a sad face, "Harry, Emma May is in a coma and If she comes out of it she may not remember anything unless you rejog her memory." Tears run down my face, I know that I will stay with Em every day until she wakes up. "Are you alright sir?" The doc answers holding a box of tissues for me to grab. I pull 2 tissues out and nod. The doc walks out and the boys and Jamie and Sharni walk in, "We heard." Jamie says and I can see tears in her eyes. Sharni is already crying, Louis puts his arm around her. I squeeze Em's hand and whisper in her ear "I love you, Come back to me!"
=1 month later=
Harry's POV
It feels like I haven't slept for years! I am so tired! why can't she just wake up! Niall and I came to see Em, Niall is out getting a cup of coffee. I close my eyes and wish to God that Em wakes up. I keep my head in my hands for a while. I realise something, Em might not make it! I lift my head up and watch her for a while. I place my hand on her cheek and brush her golden blonde hair back. I press my lips against her, she twitches! Her eyes flutter open! "Emma!" She looks at me for a while then smiles. "was that me?" She asks then I laugh. "Em you were in a coma!" I lift her top to reveal the massive scar beside her heart tattoo. "Did I..." She says then looks down at the scar. I nod sadly. Niall walks in without realising Em is awake, "So yeah, sorry I took awwhi-" Niall see's Em awake and drops the coffee. I laugh and Em joins. " I...I... I....I...", "Spit it out Niall!" I say gigling. "I'll get a doctor."
=2 months later=
Em's POV
I reach over to Harry and hold his hand. He smiles at me and I kiss him, he kisses me back. He slides his tongue inside my mouth, he draws circles on my tongue. My kiss deepens, He slides his hand into my sweater and just as he grabs my boob, I run out the room to the bathroom. I chuck up inside the toilet bowl. Harry rushes in, "Are you alright?" He says and rubs my back. I barf again, "Maybe we should see a doctor?" Harry suggests and I nod, Harry leaves to make the appointment. I clean myself up and walk out to Harry, "We have to leave now for the doctors.". We walk back to his car.
=skip car ride=
"Well your not sick!" The doctor says joyfully then turns serious, "This isn't easy to say but your actually pregnant, with twins!" Harry's and my mouth drops. pregnant! twins! I have always wanted twins! I look over at Harry, he's smiling "Oh babe! I love you!" He rubs my stomach, I cry from being soo happy.

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