Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


11. Problems

Em's POV
I wake up to the smell of burning, so I go out to the kitchen to investigate. I am absolutely gobsmacked when I see it, theres a fire! Sharni is there trying to put it out, "What happened?!" I ask Sharni filling up a cup of water, "I was baking a cake and I forgot I left it in there." Sharni waves hers arms about franticly. I thron the water over to fire but it doesn't help much. Sharni left sleeve catches on fire, the boys finnally come out to the burning kitchen. "Help!" Sharni says to me, I starts patting her arm. I grab some water and pour it on her sleeve and it stops burning. She starts crying and I pull her sleeve up gently and its looks red and painful. Louis holds her and kisses her forehead. I look back over at the fire, Harry and Zayn have nearly put it out. "We should go to the hospital for that burn." Jamie suggests to Sharni, Sharni nods still crying. "I should come too." Louis says and walks with Jamie and Sharni to their car.  Niall pours water over the remaining fire. "Thank God thats over!" Harry says and puts a arm around me. "Yeah." Liam says and smiles. Zayn and Niall nod. I walk back to have a shower. After I come out of the shower and get changed I check my Iphone, 1 missed call and 2 messages. the first message was ten minutes ago from Jamie:
From Jamie

Sharni's burn is really bad!
she has to have a bandage around it. :/
From Em

Awww dang shes gonna friggin' hate herself for
trying to bake that cake! :( hope she gets better soon!
give her my love! ?

I feel sorry for Sharni! I open my second text:
From Justin

Hey cutie, Can't get you off my mind!
wanna come over to my place? x
I smile as I read the text.
 I text back:
from Em

Sure! :) address?
from Justin

D.W (dont worry) I'll pick you up,
I remember your address:
23 Calder Street
I sit on my bed, playing with my phone until he arrives. I see a car turn up outside. I grab my bag and iphone and walk outside. Justin and I hug, "Hey" I say and smile to him. "Hey, baby" Justin says and opens the car door for me. "Thanks" I say and smile. Justin comes in the other side, then turns the radio on. One Directions Rock me is playing.
Skip Car Ride
We get of the car and Justin leads me into his living room, "Do you want to watch a movie?". I nod and ask "Do you have The Notebook?". "Yeah I'll go get some popcorn." Justin walks into the kitchen and I sit on the couch waiting. Justin comes back with two bags of popcorn and Coca Cola. I smile, "I love butter popcorn!" Justin says and laughs. "Same!" I say and laugh with him. He hands me a bag of butter popcorn and a cup of coca cola. He pushes the disc into the dvd player then turns the flat screen tv on. no more than 10 mintues and Justin and I are making out. I stop because I love Harry. "Whats wrong?" Justin asks, "I think we're going too fast..." I say.  "Ok." Justin nods. We watch the rest of the movie, and then Justin takes me home. Justin was really silent after what happened. I see Harry and smile, I missed him! "Harry!" I say and kiss him. "Hungry? We can get some takeaway." Harry says and smiles.

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