Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


16. No, I love Harry

I cant stop thinking about him, Justin! I slide on a tee, shorts and grab my phone. I drive to Justins place. I knock on the door,  a girl in his shirt appears. "Can I help you?" She says with a fake smile. Justin walks up behind her and wraps an arm around her and looks up. His arms widen, "Stella wait in the bedroom." the girl walks away.  "She lost? Or you just forgot all about me?" I say angrily. He puts a hand on my shoulder, I push it away. "Come on Em!" He says. "I came over here to tell you I love you! But you dont care do you!" I say and start walking away to my car. "Em!" I ignore him and drive away. I start crying and turn on the radio, Boyfriend by Justin Bieber plays. Yeah well I don't want you tto be my boyfriend! I think to myself. I step out of my car when I arrive. I walk back to my room. I cry myself to sleep. When I wake Harry is by my side, "Whats wrong Emmy?" Harry asks in a adorable voice. "I just a headache, better now thanks." I lie. He kisses my forehead.

***7 months later***

"Well its your choice babe." Harry says, "Ok we'll have the wedding after the twins are born." I say and smile, I reach for Harrys hand. I lay my head down on the pilow and sleep.

I wake up with the babys kicking, "Haz! they'r kicking!" He smiles and puts his hand on my tummy. I smile and kiss him. I stand p and put a baggy top on and some 1D trackys Zayn bought me. I grab a towel for a shower then I feel pain below. "Harry!! my water broke!" Harry rushes in he lays  me on the bed. He calls a ambulance.

Having the babys

"They're not coming out!" one of the doctor shout/whispers to another doctor. then thats all I remember. I wake up and Jamie and Harry are there hold a baby each. I lift myself up slowly then feel a sudden sharp pain. I lay down again. "Its a girl and boy!" Harry says grinning. "Here, hold her." Jamie softly hands me the girl baby. Shes beautiful! then I swap babies with Harry. Hes beautiful aswell!  The boy has brown hair with olive skin. and the girl is slighty pale with blonde hair. "She looks like you!" Harry says smiling. "He looks a little like you!" I say and laugh lightly.

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