Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


8. My life...

*Medium level coarse language*

 Emma's POV
Shuffle shuffle, I wake up to. Its probably just my imagination. Its dark at the moment, I turn over to look at my alarm clock, 4:12am. I feel somthing wriggle on my bed,  I look up and theres a dark figure moving around. Intruder?! Robber?! I scream. but no one can hear me, Sharni and Jamie slept over at the boys place. The dark figure puts their hand over my mouth and then puts duct tape over my mouth. I struggle and try to push him or her away. The person puts a mesh bag over my head then thrusts me up and ties up my hands. The persons drags me out into the street. The person put into a car or somthing. They take off the bag and they shine a torch in my face. The person is a woman and we're in the back of a van. "Where the hell is he?!" She yells at me and rips the tape off. "Owww!" I scream in pain. She slaps me and says again, "Where is he?!". "Who and who are you?" I ask slighty blinded by the torch. "Harry Styles and call me Storm." She says a bit more calmly. "I dont know!" I lie. She slaps me again. "Where the fuck is he?!", "Ok in his apartment!" I say like an idiot. She bangs the  side of the van and says "Take her to the garage then we'll pick Harry up.", "Yep" Says a man outside with a husky voice. He gets into the van and starts driving.  Storm slaps me then puts more duct tape over my mouth, she puts the bag back over my head then knocks me out. Where am I? I forgot what happened. I'm in a garage its dark and cold.  "She's awake!" A woman shouts. Its coming back now, what happened was I got kidnapped by a woman named Storm and a man with a husky voice. Storm slaps me again, "What the fuck was that for?!" I shout at storm. "To wake you up." She says and grabs a bucket and pours water on me. "Hey!" I shout again. "Shut the fuck up!" Storms shouts and slaps me, I obey and shut up. the garage door opens I can see I was out for a while its sort of light outside. Thomas enters draging which I think is a body inside a big bag, Shit I'm so fucking scared now! "How long has she been awake?" Thomas asks, He was the man with the husky voice! "About ten minutes." Storm replys with a shaky voice. "You idiot! I told you to put the duct tape over her mouth and the bag over her head!" He shouts and slaps her. She shrieks with pain. Thomas opens the bag revealing Harry with duct tape over his mouth.  Harry had a scared look on his face, I probably had a worse look on my face.  "Now Emma May, Why the fuck did you leave me?!" Thomas yelled at me then kicked me. Harry tried to stand up but Thomas saw and kicked him down. "Hold him!" Thomas shouted at Storm and pushed her. Storm ties Harry down but still holds him down, then she turns to watch Thomas and I. "Answer!" Thomas shouts at me. "Because... Because you never loved me you jus-" Thomas cuts me off and shouts "Yes I did but you were just an idiot!". "Ha! you've got a funny way of showing it, beating me up whenever I did something the slightest thing wrong!" I say annoyed. "Don't you dare be rude to me, Bitch!" Thomas shouts and kicks me.  "I'm just stating a fact! and Harry never forced me to have sex with him!" I yell at him. "You know you enjoyed it, baby." He says with a grin. Harry pushes Storm off him and punches Thomas. Thomas grabs him and laughs "Ha your like a little boy!". Thomas pushes Harry over and kicks him in the ball's, Harry stiffened from the pain. Thomas turns to torm and shouts angrily "You stupid Bitch! You probably let him go!" Thomas punches her in the stomach. "Do I have to do everything?!" Thomas shouts again. Thomas Ties Harry up to the pipes on the wall facing to us tightly. "Let him go Thomas! He didn't do anything." I say trying to get up. Thomas pushes me down and points at me  "He took you away from me! now its our fun time." Thomas shouts. Storm stands up and watches Thomas. He undresses me then strips down himself. He kissed me then bites my lip softly, He moves down to my neck and kisses it. His hand explores my body, I was about to let out a groan but I dare not! "Come on I can see your enjoying this!" Thomas smirks at me, I shake my head even though I am, Shit! He enters into me and I groan, Fucking hell! Whats wrong with me! Thomas looks over at Harry and laughs, I see Harry with a tears running down his face he closes his eyes. "No watch!" Thomas says to Harry. Thomas stops and inserts his fingers in me, I groan again. "Emma, your bleeding like alot!" Thomas takes his fingers out of me. "Thats my period." I say. "Oh yuck! I'm doing anything else until it stops." Thomas says and starts getting changed. "Here" Storm passes me a tampon out of her bag. I insert it then get changed. Bang! Bang! Bang! "This is the police!" Yes! the police are here. The police open the garage door. "You are being arrested for drugs and raping."  The police grab Thomas and put him in handcuffs. "Please! I was his hostage!" Storm begs for mercy. "I am sorry mam but we have to arrested until it can be proven." One of the police officers says to Storm and handcuffs her. One of the officers helps me up and unties Harry.  Harry and I hug and I squeeze him. "I love you!" I say to him, "I know and I love you too so much!" He replys and kisses me. "Would you like a lift home?" One of the polite officers asks us. We nod, when we're in the car Harry holds my hand and kisses my forehead and says "I will never let this happen again!".
We get home and tell the boys and Sharni and Jamie. "Oh my gosh are you alright?" Jamie and sharni ask me. "I am now." I say with a smile, they hug me and the boys turn it into a group hug.

7 months later.

Sharni, Jamie and I moved in with the boys. Jamie and Niall love each other, so do Sharni and Louis. Well as for me and Harry? Nothing can split us apart. Zayn is back with Perrie and Liam and Danielle are back together. "Emma can I talk to you?" Harry asks me. Harry and I walk outside and Harry says "Emma I love you.", "Yes I know! and I love you as well." I say back to him and smile. He puts his hands around my waist and pulls out a small box from his jeans. "Emma Paris May, I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Every second with you makes me happy! I want to grow old with you! Will you marry me?" He says with a smile. "No" I answer, his face expression drops like a million. "Yes! Sorry I just wanted to hear what that sounded like!" I say smiling, He smiles shaking his head, "Emma?!" I laugh and so does he. I kiss him and he kisses my forehead. We head back into where the boys and Jamie and Sharni.  "Guys! We're getting married!" Harry shouts smiling. "Congratulations!" everyone says. "What?! did I miss something? Did you all know?" I ask, They all nod. "I told them all!" Harry says. I laugh. "Jamie I have something for you!" Niall says smiling. He pulls out a gift, Jamie unwraps it. She opens the box and they're spongebob nikes! Jame loves Spongebob! "Oh my God! Thankyou soo much Niall!" Jamie says and hugs him and they kiss. "awww!" Sharni says. right now I am LOVING my life!

Hope you guys love it!  remember to like it! Comment and tell me what you think!- Trinity ♥

P.S My best friend Sharni has a really good story,  Forever Mine (Sounds like mine!) so read it!

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