Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


14. Making pancakes with Harry

Em's P.O.V:

It's been a month now, and I can't stop thinking about the twins. We have a doctors appointment today for an ultrasound. I check my phone for the time. It's 10:00 AM. I get out of bed and have a shower. The warm water feels good against my cold skin. I step out and wrap a towel around me. I begin to head back to my room, when I hear a loud crashing noise. I run to my room, shut the door and quickly get dressed. I dress in my blue, denim, high waisted shorts, my light pink tank top and my black TOMS. I open the door and begin to walk to the kitchen. I hear another crash and wonder what it is. I'm scared. I continue to walk to the kitchen to find Isaac. Why was he here? Isaac was Sharni's boyfriend, until she found out he was just using her for popularity. Sharni was not going to be happy when she founds out who's here. "Why are you here?" I say, annoyed. He turns around. "To see Sharni. I need to apologize to her." "You do not just use my friend, leave her, come back 2 years later and think a simple apology with fix it." I said whisper/yelling. "Apologize?" I turn around to see Sharni standing there, her arms folded. "Yes. I'm so sorry, Sharni. I was so stupid back then. Please, will you accept my apology so we can be friends?" He asks. "I don't know.." She trails off, obviously unsure of what to do. "Please." He asks her with pleading eyes, and truth was ringing from his words."Ok, fine. But if this is another one of your tricks, I will never forgive you." He nodded and walked out. He went to his car and drove off. "Oh my god, I swear! If that boy does anything like that again, I swear I will kill him!" I said, angrily. Hee had put her through enough pain. "Hey, calm down Em. I swear he won't hurt me because I don't love him like I used to. He seems like he has changed, though." "Yeah, I guess your right." I say back to her half knowing she's right. My phone buzzed.

From: Justin

Hey babe, wanna hang out today? I know we haven't seen each other in four months. Love you xx

Justin? I hadn't heard from him, like he said, four months ago.

To: Justin

Yes, I have something to tell you.

From: Justin

Ok, so meet me at the park near your house at 7:00?

To: Justin

Ok, see ya then.

"Who was that?" Sharni asked. "No-one in particular." "Ok." She simply replies and go upstairs. I put my phone back down on the counter and turn on the T.V. I turn the channel to MTV and One Direction's new song, Little Things come on. I love their new song, no. Scratch that, I love their new album. Like right on cue, on Harry's solo. He comes down. "Morning babe." "Morning." I replied. He plays with my blonde hair and starts singing along to the song. "C'mon, I'll make some breakfast for us. Wanna help?" He asked me. I laughed, "yeah." I replied. He took hold of my hand and walked into the kitchen, with me behind him. He stops suddenly, which almost causes me to bump into him. I laugh a bit and grab the flour, eggs and the rest of the ingredients. I start to put in the flour when Harry decides to flick flour on me. I gasp and grab a whole handful of flour and hit him back. It goes in his curls and all over his face. I laugh and he smiles evilly. "You wanna play like that? Ok." I get confused but then realizes what he meant when it was too late. He grabbed a handful and dumped it on my head. I look at him and then to the eggs. I grab one and crack it over his head. It drips down from his curls onto his face. I laugh so hard and ran away before he can get me back. He chases me and I slip, making me fall on my back. I laugh because it didn't really hurt because it was on carpet. Harry falls on top of me. His face inches away from mine as I stare into his beautiful green, emerald eyes. He leaned in and kissed me. When he pulled away I said, "I love you, Harry."

A/N: Hey guys! It's Sharni!! I know what your probably thinking. 'Why is she writing an A/N?' Or 'what is she doing?' Or maybe even, 'who is this chick?' Well to answer your questions. I'm Sharni. I have written Could He Really Be The One? And Forever Mine. My friend Trinity has co-authored me! So I wrote this chapter, please tell me and Trinity what you think!! Remember to Like and Favorite!! My name for novellas is : xXSharnzXxLuvs1D!! - Trinity & Sharni (:
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