Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


6. Just keep going...

Em's POV
I spent the night in a hotel, because Harry would probably be looking for me and go to my flat. Harry kept trying to call me but I didnt answer, Buzz Buzz. Thats him again. Decline, I press. He texts me:
From Harry
Em I didn't kiss Ruby, she kissed me!
I ignore him. Knock, Knock, Knock. "Room service." I open the door to find Niall. How did he find me? I go to shut the door on him but he puts his foot between the door. I give up and sit down on the bed. "Em its alright, I'm not here to protect Harry." Niall says and joins me on the bed. He puts his arm around me. "Why would Harry do such a thing?" I say with a tear running down my face. I burrow my head into Niall's shoulder.
Niall's POV
"I trusted him!" Em says. I cuddle her. "Em, its true, Harry didn't cheat on you I saw. Ruby pushed him on the couch, took her top off then Kissed him, then you walked in." I say and she lifts her head. "Really?" she looks with at me with hope in her arms. "Cross my heart and hope Liam dies!" I say and smile, she giggles. I hug her. "Your like my older brother!" She says and smiles. "And your my new liittle sister!" I say looking into her eyes. "I've got to ask you something by the way." I say. "Anything." She smiles. "I have a crush on Jamie? should I ask her out?" I say embarassed. she laughs. "Yes! omg, she really likes you too!" She answers. "Yes!" I say happily. "I don't know about you but I wanna get back." I say to her. "Yeah same."
Skip Car Drive.
Em's POV
I see Harry in the dining room sitting on a chair with his head burrowed in his hands. "Harry?" i say. He looks like he's been crying. "Em!" He comes up to me and hugs me. "I love you!" He says and kisses me. "I love you more!" I say and smiling. we just stood there with our faces together for a while. "Do you want to watch a movie?" He asks. "Yeah!", "OK, Titanic, The notebook or Love actually." He says. "hmm... Titanic!" I say and he smiles. He puts the disc, Titanic in the dvd player. He plays with my Golden hair and I play with his curls. We fall asleep on the couch. I wake up and see Harry asleep. He looks so cute! his lips slighty parted, his messy curls. I watch his chest go up and down as he breathes, his nose twitches and he opens his eyes. I smile and he smiles back. "Oh Babe I forgot! Liam, Louis, Zayn and I have to go out for a few hours. So you'll be home with Niall." He says. "Thats fine.", He looks at the wall clock. "Oh shit we have to leave now! Or we'll be late!" He says. The boys leave. I decide to have a shower, I haven't cut myself in ages. I think to myself. I don't know whats wrong with me because I like the feeling of cutting myself. I lift the wrist's up and look at them, covered in scars. I'm surprised Harry hasn't noticed yet. I grab a knife and head to the shower. I turn the hot tap, and a little cold water. I take my clothes off and stare at myself for a while. I hate my body! I hate my stomach! I hate myself!  I hate my face, how could Harry love someone as ugly as me? I go into the shower and press the cold blade to my scarred wrist. I watch the blood trickle down my hand. I repeat but I cut myself deeper this time.  I then press the blade into my thighs, I cut myself about ten times. My legs and arms shake because they've lost so much blood. Its been an hour of me sitting and crying and cutting myself. "Em? Are you alright?" Niall knocks on the door. I don't answer but then I cut my wrist deeper than I ever have before. I lye there half unconscious. Niall kicks the door open. He says my name, "Em?" I don't care that I'm naked. I just want help. Niall grabs a towel and turns the shower off. He wraps me up in the towel. "Come on lil's sis!" He says. "Yeah big brother?" I answer dreary. "You can't keep doing this to yourself, Lil' sis. You have to find help!" Niall says. I cuddle up to him. "I have been to one of those help centre's, I hate it! Its dark and miserable. No one talks to me!" I say hating myself. The boys arrive home. "I better go Em." Niall says and shuts the door behind him. I get changed and have an idea! I run to Zayn. I see all the boys sitting down and looking sad. Oh no! Niall told them! I hold my head in shame. "Em its alright, we can help but first you have to go to a help centre here in London." Harry puts his hands around me. "I..I'm sorry!" I say sadly. "I'll look up some places here in London, ok?" I nod.  I turn to Zayn, "Do you want another tattoo?" I ask, "Maybe, keep talking." He says. "Well... we could get the sign infinity. because the continuous line Means I have to keep going no matter what." I say. He nods and says "I like it, I will get it with you."
Getting the tattoo.
They boys and I walk into the tattoo shop.  A man and woman tell Zayn and I to sit down. The man says "Hi I'm Matt, I'll be doing this young man, This is Mary she will be doing you." "Ok I can see this is the first time you've had a tattoo, and he's had quite a few. Are you sure you want this tattoo?" Mary says to me. "Yes I do and now I want 2 tattoos done. Infinity on my wrist and a love heart on the bottom left of my stomach." I say and smile. "Ok tell me if you want to stop." Mary says and I nod. She starts on my wrist, she covers most of my scars. after a hour and half she finishes my infinity tattoo. "Do you want to take a break or keep going?" She asks. "Keep going." I say. I see Zayn sand up he got it on his left ab. He looks in the mirror. then all the boys watch me. Harry massages my shoulders. When my heart tatto is completed I stand up and look in the mirror. Both my tattoos look beautiful! "They look great babe!" Harry says. "They're amazing. Lil' sis!" Niall says. We pay for our tattoo's. We all walk to the nearest park, and for once, in my whole life I forget about all my problems. I laugh like a idiot for no reason. I kiss Harry and then I bump into him... Thomas. What was he doing here?

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