Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


3. I Love You?

Em's POV
I can't sleep, I keep replaying what Harry said: "Me and Em are going out"! am I like his rebound? Caroline Flack dumped him... soo I guess he's vulnerable? I should just ask him! I keep thinking about this until eventually I get to sleep. I wake up pretty tired I didn't get to sleep until 3am. I get up and go to the kitchen, I usually stay in my undies whem I eat breakfast (I sleep in undies). I reach into the cuboard to get the special K breakfast. "Hey Em." Says a deep english voice, Shit! its Harry. I cover myself and he realises I'm half naked, he turns and says "ha I love getting naked!" I quickly get into my robe then come out."Im decent and Hi Harry." I greet Harry with a smile. "Sharni took me in." Harry tells me. I nod, "Hungry?" I ask. "Sure, thanks." He replies. I grab a bowl for him and pass him the cereal. we sit together and eat. eventually I say "So did you have a reason for coming?".
He grins and says Ive got something for you!" He pulls out a small box and opens it revealing a ring. "I know its early in our relationship but I got you a promise ring, So you will always be mine!" I smile and say
"Thanks Harry!" He slips the ring on my ring finger.
"This really means alot to me!" He says happily, I smile. Now I know that I'm not just Harrys rebound! I kiss him and holds he me in his arms. "So do you wanna come to my place?" He asks.
"Yeah sure just let me get changed!" I say and unhook myself from him. I get changed into some galaxy mini shorts and a loose tank. "All ready!" I say to him. we get into his car and he leaves my apartment. when we arrive at his place he puts a blindfold over my eyes and tells me to count to a thousand.

Harrys POV
I put a blindfold over Em's eyes and tell her to count to a thousand because I need to clean up! She doesn't like me drinking so I hide my wine and alchohol. I put away my clothes and clean my stuff.

Em's POV
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 200, 400, 900 and 1000!" I say as I take off the blind fold.
"So you want a drink?" He offers. I give him a sexy smile and move closer to him and kiss him, he kisses back slipping his tongue into my mouth. I lift up his top and feel his abs and he kisses my neck on my soft spot and I groan. I push him down onto his couch and sit on him, making out. I feel his hands crawl up the back of my top and he pulls me closer. I take off his top and kiss him and he takes mine off too. he kisses my neck again and kisses my lips I softly bit his bottom lip. He takes off his trousers so that he's in his boxers. I take my shorts off too but they're really tight, its getting embarrassing now! "I might help if you unbutton it." Harry says and sort of laughs. "Oh God! I didn't even think of that!" I reply embarrassed. I unbutton so that I was in my undies. we go to his room and I push him on the bed and I sorta jump on him. We make out and he unclips my bra. I softly bite his lip and he groans. He pulls hhis boxers off and I take my undies off. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asks worriedly. I nod enthusiastically. He thrusts into me and I let out a shriek of pain. It hurts! After all the pain has gone it soon becomes pleasure. I groan as he goes in and out of me. My nails dig into the back fo his back. He finishes and crawls back up to me. I see that I have scratched him. "Sorry that I hurt you Harry." I say. "Its fine, Em" He says looking deep into my eyes. After about an hour of love we just lay in bed exhausted. "Harry, I was a virgin up until before." I say breaking the silence. "Are you ok? do you regret what happened?" He asks with abit of sadness in his voice. "No, no I love what just happened I enjoyed it alot I just thought you should know." I say kissing him. "Oh thank God! I enjoyed it alot as well." He say relaxed. "Em, I love you?" He says with a shaky smile. " I think I love you too." I say back to him. I think Harry and I were like love at first site. I hug him happily. and he kisses me.

A/N: Sorry! I haven't written in a long time! I have been do lots of work!

Tell me what you think of the chapter. - Trinity ♥



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