Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


2. Backstage

Backstage passes...
 Emma's POV

Jamie, Sharni and I have been waiting 4 hours to meet the boys and finally we're at the front of the line. "Hi girls." Harry says winking at me. "Oh my gosh! Hi!" Sharni says with a huge smile. "GOD!!! hey whats up? can you like sign my shirt?" Jamie asks nervously. "aha just talking to like a jillion girls! and sure" They reach over one at a time  to sign her shirt. "Hey guys! I'm Em, this is Sharni and this ones Jamie." I say calmly pointing at the girls. "Well nice to meet you Em, Sharni and Jamie. Beautiful names if you ask me." Compliments Zayn. "Well do you have em'?!" Louis asks impatiently. "what?" I ask. "The carrots of course!!" Louis says with a smile, Liam and Zayn laugh. "Uhh no but we're really sorry but we can give you a hug instead." Sharni says grinning."Works for me!" Louis says hugging us three. "He's a tad nervous" Liam says nudging Louis softly. "Oi no i'm not!!" Louis says annoyed. "Yes you are! and Emmy nice to meet you again." Harry winks. "Shes the girl you were talking about!" Zayn says and I blush.  "Yeah, wanna give me a hug girls?" Harry offers. We nod excitedly, He hugs Jamie and Sharni first then when he hugs me he kisses my forehead. "Well sorry to say this Sharni, Jamie and Em but we have alot more girls and boys to get through!" Liam tells us. "Oh thats fine bye" I wave goodbye. "Bye!!" Jamie waves as well. "buh-bye love you!!" Sharni says goodbye They boys wavegoodbye and Hary blows a kiss to me. When I drive the girls and I back they say to me "DO HAVE SOME FUCKING EXPLANATION FOR WHAT HARRY DID!!" They say excitedly, "Oi keep a lid on the bad language. And you know when I went to the toilet? that was the entry to the boys and Harry and I kinda kissed..." I say dreaming about Harry and I.

"Wait! What?! Did I just hear right that you and Harry Styles kissed!!!" Jamie asks with her Mouth open. I nod,
"You have too introduce me to Louis!" Sharni forces me to say yes.
"Yes, Yes and Jamie I will introduce you to Niall" I reply with a slight smile.
"Oh my gosh thanks Em, I love you! But I am soo tired! I gotta get to bed!" Jamie says sleepily.
"Same Em nighty night. and thanks soo much!" Sharni follows Jamie.
"Nahh its alright and goodnight." I say to them as they leave my room. I get changed into my undies and brush my teeth  then get to bed. I had a dream about Jamie, Sharni, Harry and the boys.
I look at my bright LCD alarm clock on my glass bedside table, 9:41am. I decide to text Harry,
To: Harry:p

Morning sushinee!

From: Em ?

I get changed into some black ripped skinny jeans with the short cut English tee Jamie gave me.
"Come on skinny love, what happened here?
Suckle on the hope in light brassiere
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full, so slow on the split" My phone rings, Omg! Its Harry! I answer the phone and Hear Harrys beautiful voice,
"Hey Em, Its Harry."
"Oh hey!" I say cheerfully.
"So I was wondering if you and your friends Sharni and Jamie wanna come on a boat trip with Me and the boys?" Harry asks slighty nervous for my reply.
"Yeah sure!" I respond with a smile on my lips,
"Ok i'll pick you up at 11!" Harry says into the phone.
"See you then! Ok bye!" I say,
"Bye Em!" Harry says. I hang up and tell the girls.
"WOW!! We're going on a boat with the boys!!!" Jamie screams excitedly.
"Omg!! Em we are like so grateful!" Sharni says happily.
"Its fine!" I sat calmly.

Lunch with the boys.

"Lets play dare, dare or dare!" Liam says playfully. We all nod.
"Ok Zayn! If you could snog anyone on this boat who would it be?" Louis asks Zayn with a smirk.
"lol, Oh God.. ahaha! It would have to be... arhh Sharni?" Zayn says embarised. We all start laughing and Zayn and Sharni blush heaps! "Ok Dare, Dare or Dare Harry?" Zayn asks Harry.
Harry answers "Well I think It would have to uhhh a dare??"
"Ok Kiss Emma for 10 seconds and like full on!!"  Zayn says with an evil smile. Harry and I lean in to kiss and within like 2 seconds I find myself slipping my tongue into Harry's mouth. Are tongues dance around together and we kiss for like way more than 10 seconds!

Liam's POV

Uhh ew! Harry and Em were kissing for ages! I grabbed a cup and filled it up with sea water and splashed them. "Dude, thats more than 10 seconds!" I say to them. I see Harry getting really angry. I sorta like Em she's really fit but I wouldn't steal her away from Harry.

Harry's POV

I'm annoyed at Liam why would he interrupt Em and I?! Well anyways... "Ok my turn, Jamie I dare you to give a kiss to Niall." She blushes and so does Niall. They kiss each other and I see tongue!

Em's POV

"I dare Louis to kiss Sharni like really passionately!" Jamie dares Louis.
"Ok, But why does this Dare game have so much kissing?!" Louis argues "I'm not say I dont want to because I do alot-" He covers his mouth with his hand Sharni blushes and I giggle. Louis kisses Sharni like the most passionately I've ever seen! (if thats possible!)
"Harry, truth. why do you like get nervous around Em?" Niall asks Harry with a weird face.
"Well uhh my and like Em are going out..." He answers and smiles at me.

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