Forever Love

Emma May, shes 19, Lives in London and Loves One Direction.
One day she meets one cheeky handsome boy, named Harry.


17. #3

"Can I leave them in the high chair for a sec?" I whisper/yell to Harry. He nods and I put the babys in a high chair each and leave for the loo. Bang! I hear then crying, I run out to see Harry knealing next to the baby boy (we haven't named them yet!). "Harry?" I say and pick up him. He's still crying I rock him but it doesn't work. "should I call the hospital?" I nod and put some ice on his head.


"Well the swelling has gone but luckily it wasn't to serious. Be more careful next time, ok?"The female doctor says. "there wont be a next time." Harry says seriously to the lady.  We take the twins back and lay them in they're cot. "So.." I say, Harry looks over to me, "Do you have any names for the twins? I dont mind what you want, they'll be beautiful either way" Harry smiles then kisses me. "I like unique names" I say smiling.

"I like the name Harry junior." Harry says and winks at me. "Well I like the name London and Paris (I actually want to call my children this)" Harry says and smiles " They're great names!" "So we can actually call them that?" I ask, "Of course! I love them!". "Are you sure you dont want to call 'London' Harry jr?" I ask suprised. "Well another Kid, hey?" Harry winks and I smile. He wraps his arms around me, he kisses my ear to my lips, interrupted by crys from the baby. Paris is crying because she needs her diapers changed, she woke up London in the mean time and now he echoes her. I take Paris and change her diapers, when I walk back to Harry he is cuddling London and it looks soo cute! He pit Lun' back in the cot and I put Paris back in her cot.

***3 years later***

"Arhhhhhh!" I scream as I try to push my third child out. "Come on Em!" Harry squezes my hand, a nurse wipes away the sweat from my forehead. "Ahhhhh!" I scream again. "We can see the head! welldone!" Says the midwife.  I push once again and pop! its out! "Congratulations! its a boy." The midwife shows my the goo covered baby, blonde and and chubby cheeks, adorable! They take him away then bring him back, he's alot cleaner! I hold Him first, I love him! "He's beautiful Em!" Harry smiles as I pass him to Harry. "Harry jr?" I say to Harry, "Oh my God you remembered!" He smiles and kisses Harry's forehead.

Harry's phone buzzes, He passes Harry back to me. "Sharni texted me asking what the twins, Paris and Lun' are having for lunch?" (Sharni's babysitting) "there is some vegtables and twiggy sticks in the fridge." I say to Harry.

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