As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


28. Who Are You?


Justin's POV


(2 weeks later)


I came into the hospital room, flowers and balloons in hand. I smiled, seeing Selena's small scar at the corner of her forehead. It was almost healed and she was almost ready to be let out of the hospital. The only thing is she hasn't woken up yet. Gifts wrapped in pretty bows were surrounding her bed while she slept. I went to my chair that I've been sitting on 2 weeks ago, while I stayed with Selena everyday, waiting for her to wake up. I looked at Selena one more time, sighing. 


After a few minutes, I heard the door open slowly. More presents, cards and plush toys entered the door. I smiled realising it was Selena's family entering the room. I got up, helping Selena's mother carry the giant teddy bear holding a 'Get Well Soon!' against its chest. I placed it on the corner of the room, getting back to them. 


"Has she woken up yet?" her mother asked, patting me on the back.


I shrugged, shaking my head/ She sighed, looking over at her daughter. 


"She should be waking up soon, I can feel it." She said quietly, gripping on the side of Selena's hospital bed.


I looked at her curiously and then looking back at the lifeless body of my love. I wish she would wake up today, but the doctors didn't know when she would wake up. Only time could tell. Eventually everyone was walking out the door, leaving me and Selena's mother Mandy in the room alone with Selena. I went back to my chair, sighing and looking out the window waiting for time to pass. 10 minutes later, Mandy started shaking my should abruptly. I looked up at her, seeing her eyes widen by the second. I got up, gripping her shoulders, "What's wrong?" I asked, seeing her point at Selena.


I looked over at her, seeing her stir under her blanket. I rushed by her side, Many running out quickly getting the others and a doctor. Selena kept moving around, her eyebrows narrowing. Her face looked like she was in pain. I grabbed her hand, feeling her squeeze it tightly. I bit my lip, feeling the tears of joy come out. 


She's finally coming back to me, I finally get to see her smile again soon. I missed everything about her.


Selena's POV


Darkness was surrounding me. I just wanted to wake up. I could hear my surroundings, I just couldn't see. I knew there were people around me, someone was with me, watching over me. I kept trying to call out and tell them I was awake, I wanted to see, to speak, but my mouth wouldn't let me move. I was frozen and it was like no one could help me. This was the worst dream I've ever had, it felt like I was living a nightmare. I was falling and was about to fall into my death. I tried feeling my hands, so I could grab a hold of something, anything. I finally felt bed sheets and I gripped them tightly. I felt my eyelids flutter open and my eyes adjusting to the light blinding me. I shut them again. hearing footsteps and talking occurring around me.


"She's waking up!"






"She looks so small and fragile."


"Look! She's opening her eyes! She's finally waking up!"


Finally my eyelids opened slowly bit by bit, letting me see white lights shine on me. I blinked a couple of times to let my eyes focus. I saw several faces looking at me all at once and squinted. I blinked slowly seeing fuzzy faces focus again. I saw my family and other unfamiliar faces staring down at me. I smiled weakly seeming them all grin at me. I looked at each of their faces individually, taking it in that I finally escaped my dark nightmare. I almost reached the end of the bed when I saw an attractive guy with bronze coloured hair and honey caramel eyes crying and smiling. He looked unfamiliar to me, who was he?


I barely smiled at him, grabbing my mother's arm slowly. She bent down to hear what I had to say.


"Who is he?" I said, eyeing the tall bronze haired guy.


Mum backed away, looking at me scared. She looked at me then the boy over and over again. I narrowed my eyebrows together, giving her a look of confusion/ 


"You don't know him Selena?" She said softly.


Everyone looked at us concerned, my mother holding onto my hand.


"Selena? That's -" My mum started to say, until he interrupted her.


He put a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it slightly. He was looking at me worried, his brows furrowed. My mind was jumbled up in my head, I was so confused. What is about this boy that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach? His bronze hair was dishevelled like he'd been running his hands continuously through it. His honey eyes were filled with tears and shock. I turned back to my mum and the boy, opening my mouth to say something.


"Don't you remember me Selena?"



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