As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


14. The Colosseum


Justin's POV


All I could think about in the taxi to the Colosseum in Rome was her. I watched as she plugged in some headphones and started singing along to the song, unaware of the fact that I was next to her. I gasped inwardly when I heard her voice. Her amazing, incredible voice, and how I wanted more. How it was like a drug to me. It was the single most beautiful thing that I had heard in my life and I just wanted to hear more. I could imagine how it would sound when combined with the sweet melody I had played on the guitar the other night when I pictured her face in my mind and I swear my knees melted. That was the best way I could describe it, and I still sounded like a total girl.


That girl had me wrapped completely round her little finger without even knowing it. This was the first time I had felt this strongly about a girl since Jessica. Actually, this was a hell of a lot stronger, and that scared me. Because Jessica had only ended in disaster and, if I felt stronger, then it could end up even worse. I couldn't imagine Selena doing anything close to as horrible as what Jessica had done, but I could imagine myself doing something, saying something, feeling something… whatever to hurt her. Unintentionally, of course. Remember the whole 'beating myself up' thing?


I pushed all those thoughts away when I felt Selena's head softly land on my shoulder. I look down at her and saw that she had fallen asleep with music playing in her ears. I smiled to myself and brushed her hair out of her eyes.


"Justin," she murmured.


I beamed, and then decided to see what would happen if I spoke. "I'm here," I whispered in her ear.


"Stay," Selena whispered back, her hands reaching up to my shirt, fisting it slightly. "Don't go."


"I'll never leave you, Selena," I said intensely, really, really hoping that she wasn't actually awake and just having me on.


"Thank you," she muttered.




She didn't reply this time, instead turning her head into the crook of my neck, breathing me in. Her mouth twitched a little and then she moaned a bit before slipping into the deeper, dreamless slumber.


I just kissed her hair lightly and placed my cheek on top of her head.


Selena's POV


I moaned and squinted my eyes as the taxi pulled to a stop next to the Colosseum. I glanced around and found my head on Justin's shoulder and my hand fisted on his shirt. But what made my heart stutter was Justin's head on mine and his flawless features. He looked so peaceful, sleeping, without a single frown upon his face. I immediately sat up after realising that we had been wrapped around each other, like a couple, like we're dating.



This caused Justin is yawn and rub his eyes.


"Oh, we're here already?" He asked looking around.


"Yep," I replied nervously, my fingers fiddling with the hem of my dress.


"Okay, let's go then and get this over and done with!" Justin exclaimed, paying the taxi driver, despite my protests and held the door open for me. I raised my eyebrow at him, confused at his gentleman gesture.


"What? I may be a jerk, but I still have manners!" he scoffed, closing the door behind him.


I just mumbled a 'thank you' and walked towards the Colosseum, noting down special features of it as I went along, with Justin closely tagging behind me. 

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