As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


24. Taken


Selena's POV


"Hey Justin, I'm going to head down to the vending machines okay? Would you like anything?" I shouted, grabbing my purse and keys.


"A can of coke is fine." Justin responded from the bathroom. 


"Alright, I'm going to take the keys to this room okay?" 


"Sure babe, be careful okay?"


I smiled at his concern thought back to last night. 


"Don't listen to what he said, any of it okay? I've changed now, for the better."


"Have you Justin? I can't help thinking, out of all the girls in the world, why me? I'm just plain old Selena, nothing special about me." I felt tears rise up in my eyes, looking at my lap, nervous about his answer.


"Because your beautiful Selena, you're real, you're stunning. You have shiny straight chestnut hair with red highlights that can only be seen in the sun. Your skin is alabaster and your eyes are bottomless dark chocolate brown. You don't need make up to look pretty like other girls because you already are."


I felt myself turn into a puddle of goo there and then, and even got the shivers still thinking about it. A loud crash of lightning and thunder broke me away from my thoughts. 


Wow, it has been raining a lot here. 


I bent down to grab the cans from the machine when I heard a tap outside. I frowned and walked outside. 


"Hello? Is there anyone out here?" I looked across and saw that the house across the road's lights were flickering on and off. I checked to see if there were any cars around before crossing the road. 


I tapped on their front door. There was a loud crashing sound as it was hit so hard that the glass shattered. I screamed and dropped my phone as bits of glass rained down on me and a large arm reached in, wrenching the door open. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I knew, two large arms were grabbing at me. I fought with everything in me against them. I backed away as I fought until I was lying across the front seat. I got in one good kick before the intruder's weight trapped my legs. The figure had on a large rain jacket, the hood came down so low that it obscured his face. The jacket was wet and slippery so it was hard to find purchase for my assault as I grabbed at him. 


"I've got you now you little bitch." The figure growled as I thrashed. He swung something heavy and smashed the interior light before proceeding to hit me. First he landed a hard punch to my stomach, managing to knock the air from my body. As I gasped for breath, he hit my face, landing one closed-hand blow and several hard slaps. I was beginning to feel dizzy, but still attempted to fight him off. He then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head toward him only seconds before I felt a sharp pain as something heavy and hard hit my head, plunging everything around me into darkness.


I lay very still as my eyes searched my surroundings. I was lying across the back seat of an unfamiliar car. It was dark, although there was a faint glow coming from the front dash. I could feel the movement as the car travelled along an uneven road. I tried to force my mind to focus on the last thing that I remembered before I blacked out.


Grabbing coke out of the vending machine…


Realizing that someone had lured me to cross the road….


Then it hit me.


Oh no


The dreams I had been having, telling me not to cross the river. It had been pouring for the passed couple of days in Paris. Some roads were flooded by rain water. That must've been the river! Oh god, how did I not figure this out earlier?


Then I remembered being grabbed….


A sharp pain in my head as it was struck with something hard….


Ugh. It still hurts


I went to touch the sore spot on my head and realized, to my horror that my wrists were locked together by a set of handcuffs. I felt the panic begin to rise in my throat as I recalled the feel of wire digging into the flesh of my wrists.


With everything in me, I bit back the scream struggling to escape. At that moment, the driver of the car still thought I was unconscious, and I wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. After taking a few deep breaths, I tried to concentrate on my surroundings once again.


My head and upper body were lying behind the passenger seat, my legs behind the driver's. I had only to lift my head a few inches to see the identity of my kidnapper. At that exact moment, he began to speak.


"Miserable bitch" He seethed. "Kicked me right in the balls."


Does he know I'm awake? 


I started to panic again at the thought.


"Just wait you bitch. Just wait until I get you to the cabin." He muttered. "I'm going to enjoy waking you up. I'll make you pay for everything you've taken from me."


I was able to calm my breathing when I realized he still didn't know I was awake.


Wait, his voice sounds familiar...where have I heard that voice before?


"I'm going to take away what you have taken away from me." He said with a sadistic chuckle. 


His voice was so familiar, like I've heard it just yesterday. I raised my head slightly in order to see his face. Luckily his hood was thrown back, and even in the darkness, I was able to make out his features in the dim light of the dashboard.


Jaden, Justin's best friend. 


My head started to spin as I tried to make sense of what was happening. He had kidnapped me.


But why?


What did I ever do to him?


I began to feel angry then, but for the moment, that anger was directed at myself.


As much as I'd promised Justin that I'd stay safe, I'd managed to make a mess of everything. 


"I'm going to make your last days a hell on earth" He stated in a low menacing tone. "First, torture you until you can't take it anymore. Then I'm going to break every bone in your body. There will be nothing left of you to bury by the time they find you." He spat out in his anger and punched the steering wheel as he spoke.


My mouth went dry.


He was planning to kill me.


I could feel my body start to tremble as I held in a whimper, somehow knowing that my silence was the only thing keeping me alive and untouched at that moment.


How could I fight another sadistic madman? My mother hadn't taught me any self defense techniques.


Also, I hadn't been able to fight off Jaden when he grabbed me into his car earlier tonight. I had to face the fact that I was weak and pathetic.


My head still hurt and was bleeding. There was no way I was going to win.


Then my mother's voice came to me again


'You have to be brave and strong. You have to fight. You can do this Selena.'


But how could I fight someone so much stronger than I was? Someone so determined to end my life?


His next words stopped my thoughts. "Ugh the way she changed Justin was unbelievable. It was like I didn't even know him anymore. He love. It's all because of that stupid bitch. If she didn't come into his world, we would've still been hanging out at the club, picking up chicks and then dumping them the next day. But all the girls I wanted, Justin got. They would always go running to him ALWAYS. Now I'm going to take away the girl that matters most to him."


My thoughts then turned to Justin.


In my heart, I knew that Justin would be devastated. Even though he still hasn't admitted his feelings to me, I knew I loved him with every single bone of my body. It was so clear to me now. 


'You have to fight.'


I could fight, but could I win?


I didn't have a choice any more, I had to win. The more I thought about it the angrier I became. This bastard was not keeping me from the future I'd planned with Justin.


Very carefully and quietly, I stretched my legs. Fortunately for me, I discovered that Jaden hadn't tied them together.


He probably didn't expect me to wake up this soon.


It was going to be difficult to fight with my hands in cuffs, but I had no choice. There was no way I could let him take me to this cabin he spoke of. I'd never make it out alive. I was going to fight and I was going to win, or die trying.


The adrenaline was coursing through my body, my heart beating wildly, as I thought about what I needed to do next. My mind formed the beginnings of a plan then, not at all sure of how it would end.


While still lying on my side across the large back seat, I slowly drew my knees up as close to my chest as possible before rolling carefully on to my back.


Thank God I decided to wear my favorite boots today. The ones with the sharp little heels.


This was it. I said a silent prayer to God to help me; I gathered up every last ounce of courage and strength and aimed for Jaden's head. The first kick would be the most important because I wasn't sure I'd get another. I let fly then with a powerful well-aimed kick, making immediate contact with the side of his head.


He let out a strangled curse as my kick caught him by complete surprise. I kicked the side of his head a second time. I kicked it so hard that his head made contact with the side window. "Aah" He shouted as the blood gushed from where my boot heel had torn into his face.


I didn't let up. I kicked and kicked as he tried to grab my legs to make me stop. I knew I was doing some damage when he started to throw wild punches with his right arm, and the car veered off the road straight into the trees.


Everything happened very quickly after that.


His arm was flailing wildly as my boots continued to make contact with his head, his shoulder and his side. One of his punches caught me in the shoulder, then the leg, and another in the side of my chest. It didn't slow me down; I was working on pure adrenaline.


The car barreled through the underbrush. Jaden suddenly turned his attention forward as he grabbed the wheel with both hands before turning it violently. I kept up my assault as best I could, until the spinning motion of the car sent me hurtling to the floor. I tried to curl into a fetal position to protect myself for what I feared was coming next.


I heard the strangled cry of Jaden as the driver's side of the car made contact with something. The car lurched violently from side to side. I was thrown into the side door, bumping the cut on my scalp and causing me to cry out in pain. The sounds of shattering glass and metal groaning under protest were the last things I heard before passing out a second time.




When I came to, I lay very still trying to gauge exactly what had happened. It was still dark, and I was still on the floor of the car. If possible, my head hurt more than the last time I woke up. I reached up with my still-cuffed hands and felt the blood that was trickling down my forehead.


I fought the wave of dizziness and nausea that threatened.


All around me was deathly quiet as I held my breath to listen. Very carefully, knowing that my life depended on what I did next, I slowly pulled my legs from under the spot where the driver's seat had been bent back and over them at a strange angle. As I pulled myself up onto the back seat, I noticed that there were no dashboard lights to help me see. I turned my body to face the driver's seat. I could make out the outline of Jaden as he lay there.


I hoped he was dead, but at the very least I knew he was unconscious. I stared, trying to make out as much as possible in the dark. From what I could see, the entire driver's side door had been twisted and mangled, and was now inside the car. I couldn't make out where the door ended and Jaden began. The steering column had also been bent at an odd angle, essentially trapping his legs. It was an older model car, and since no airbags had deployed I guessed that it either didn't have them or they malfunctioned.


Thank you God


I sat back, trying to breathe normally for a moment. Every part of my body hurt. I knew that I must be covered in bruises from head to foot, but I was pretty sure that nothing was broken.


I desperately needed to get as far away from Jaden as possible, but I forced myself to take a moment, and think rationally. My rash decisions of yesterday had led to disaster, so for once I was going to think before I acted.


I looked out my broken window. We were in the woods, that much I knew, but where? There was no way to be certain how far we'd traveled since he'd abducted me. If we were in the forest, it could be days before anyone would find me.


I took a deep breath, wincing at the pain in my side. I didn't have a cell phone, my head was still bleeding slightly, and my hands were cuffed. I wasn't going anywhere in this condition.


I watched Jaden carefully realizing that he was my best hope for getting out of these handcuffs.


He has to have the key.


Sucking up what little courage I had left, I slowly leaned forward. I could see the keys dangling from the ignition on the steering column. They were hanging down against Jaden's now trapped legs. I reached toward them with my cuffed and trembling hands. Just as I pulled the keys from the ignition, I yelped in fright as Jaden's hand suddenly grabbed my forearm, holding it in a death grip.


"You little bitch." He gasped. I could tell he was in pain and struggling to breathe. "I'm going to" –gasp- "kill you." –gasp- "Justin took away everything from me" -gasp- "Now I'm going to take away what's his."


I gathered my strength and pushed hard against him with my shoulder, pressing his body against where the crumpled door had him trapped. His grip eased enough for me to pull my arm away as he moaned in pain.


I ignored his muttered curses as I searched the key ring. After finding I quickly unlocked the cuffs and my hands were finally free.


I collapsed back against the seat, trying to calm my racing heart and breathe normally again. Jaden had grown quiet. I could only guess that he had passed out from the pain.


With my hands free, I was a lot better off than before, and I was certain he had to have a cell phone somewhere in this vehicle.


I just hope it wasn't damaged.


After taking another deep breath and realizing that I was becoming used to the pain, I leaned forward and looked around on the front seat. I was terrified that Jaden would wake up again, but my desire to get back to Justin controlled my actions at that point. I couldn't see a cell phone anywhere, but I felt around on the seat just to make sure.




I sat back again. It hurt to move. It hurt to breathe. My adrenaline was definitely wearing off.


My choices were either to start walking in hopes of finding another human being before a bear or a cougar found me, or to search Jaden's pockets for a cell phone. The latter seemed the safest choice since Jaden's injuries were probably severe enough to keep him from extricating himself from the twisted metal without help.


I gingerly lifted his arm, searching for his jacket pocket underneath. When I found it I slipped my hand inside and thanked God, and every Saint in heaven when I felt the hard plastic of a cell phone inside. Just as my fingers wrapped around it, pulling it clear of the pocket, Jaden gurgled causing me to scream in fright and send the phone flying from my hand.


I looked at him closely, only to realize that his eyes were still closed. After cursing myself for dropping the phone I felt around on the floor near my feet. When my hands wrapped around it again, I was determined not to let go.


Please let it work.


My heart was thumping out of my chest again and I had to calm my shaking hands in order to press the power button. Tears of relief sprang to my eyes as the phone came to life in my hands. I drew in a shaky breath and pressed 9-1-1.


It was only then that I noticed there was no signal. Not one bar.


Of course, I'm probably in the middle of nowhere.


Jaden moved again, making me jump, but I held onto the phone this time. I sat in the seat debating what to do next. I was battling against the fact that it was still dark. I was injured, nothing broken, but I was bleeding. I needed to get to a place where the cell phone could be traced.


It may have been a rash decision, but I decided that I needed to move. I wasn't willing to wait until I'd lost any more blood, or Jaden regained consciousness and made another grab for me. I had to move now.


I discovered that my door was damaged, but with a little effort I was able to push it open. After placing my shaky feet on the ground outside the car, I had to hold onto that door for a full minute to steady myself.


I was so dizzy, or maybe woozy was a better word for it, that I sat on the ground next to the car for a few minutes to pull myself together.


The blood was still trickling from the gash in my head, so I took off my hoodie in order to tear the shirt underneath and make a bandage. I then replaced the hoodie because it was fucking freezing out there.


There was no path or sign of a road anywhere near me, so I just chose a direction and began to walk in what I guessed to be a straight line. 


My head wouldn't stop bleeding. It was just a slow trickle, but I knew I needed stitches. My face hurt, I could tell my lip was swollen, and I was afraid to see when I looked like after Jaden had smacked me around. My sides and chest hurt so much that breathing was painful; therefore my progress was very slow. I was also extremely tired by this point, but wouldn't stop moving for fear that I'd be discovered and attacked by a wild animal.


Maybe a moving target is a little more difficult to catch


Every time my fatigue threatened to take over, I forced myself to think of Jaden and the hell he was probably going through at that moment. The thought enabled me to push through my exhaustion and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


For him


By the time the grey light of dawn began to creep into the forest, I was bent so far over with pain and fatigue that I was practically crawling. I could tell that the ground had been rising slightly for about the last hour, and when I suddenly stumbled out of the trees and found myself in a clearing, I checked the phone again.


There was a signal. A very weak signal, but a signal nonetheless. I moved further into the clearing, and my breath caught in my throat when the signal increased to two bars. I collapsed to the ground. There was no way that I would be able to move another inch. This was it. They would either come find me here, or I would be lost to the elements. I lay down on my side on the wet cold grass, and dialed 9-1-1.


"911, what is your emergency?" Sounded the voice of the operator over the line.


I cleared my throat. "My name is Selena Gomez" I said in a weak voice.


"Yes Miss Gomez, can you tell me the nature of your emergency?"


"I was abducted but I escaped and I'm somewhere in the forest but I don't know exactly where." I added as tears filled my eyes.


"Selena, I'm placing a trace on your cell phone. Are you injured in any way?"


"My head is bleeding. I feel really light headed." I was crying softly as I spoke. "I hurt all over."


"Please try to stay with me Selena, we will have someone there to help you as soon as possible." Her voice was beginning to sound far away.


"Please hurry." I choked out. "I'm all alone. I'm frightened."


The operator kept asking me questions. After a while, the need to rest my eyes overtook me. "I need to close my eyes. I'm so tired." I managed to force out.


"Selena, please try to stay awake. We know where you are now and emergency personnel are on their way.…."


The operator's voice was the last thing I heard before slipping into unconsciousness once again.



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