As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


13. Surprise Surprise


Selena's POV


I woke up quite early for me the next morning. At first I considered going back to sleep, but then I remembered that we still had a project to complete. So I got up, dressed in a cute floral sundress along with some sandals. For some weird reason, I wanted to impress Justin. To show him that I can be pretty and hot as well, without being fake. I put some light make up on, but making my eyes look darker and smokier than usual.


I threw as much bread as would fit into the toaster and went and sat down at the table, running my fingers through my hair. I fiddled nervously with my fingers as I sat and waited. What if Justin wouldn’t like it? And if that was what Justin thought, then what would everyone else think? They'd say worse things about me for sure.


I drummed my fingers on the kitchen counter as I waited for the toaster. My head snapped up when I saw Justin coming out of the bedroom, adorably rumpled from sleeping. His hair was even messier than usual as he rubbed sleep out of his eyes.


Justin's POV


I woke up to the smell of toast. I groaned and turned over as sunlight peered through the curtains. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table and shot up. Today was the day we had to start our project. Not bothering to change my clothes, I walked out to make some coffee, but then I saw her.


Selenawas looking down at the table, her eyelashes painted with black, her eyelids lightly coated in smoky grey, her cheeks unusually pale… until she looked up at me and caught me staring. She flushed a million different shades of red and looked back down at the table, stealing her beautiful brown eyes away from my gaze.


"What..." I heard myself exclaim breathlessly, unable to speak.


Selena looked up again shyly. "Is it really that bad?" she whispered.


I blinked twice and stared at her. I was surprised that Selena thought it looked bad. "No," I whispered back. "It looks great."


She smiled at me sexily, dazzling me. Wow. Whoever thought that Selena Gomez could ever look sexy?

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