As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


19. Shopping and unexpected feelings


Justin's POV


The rest of the day went on quite eventfully as Selena and I went around Paris, recording down key features on every monument. By the time we arrived back home, I was exhausted. The minute I fell onto the hotel bed, I just wanted to sleep there and then until morning. However, Selena had other plans.


"C'mon Justin get up!" She leaped onto the bed, bouncing around on it.


I grumbled and tried to grab her legs to get her to stop moving, but of course it didn't work. 


"What do you want? I want to sleep, we've had a long day, I think my brain is fried from all the work we did."


"Haha very funny Justin. It was more like me doing all the work and you going around taking random pictures." Selena scolded at me.


"Yeh, whatever. Why are you still jumping on my bed?" 


"Let's go shopping!" She squealed, clapping her hands together like a little child.


"Ugh. My worst nightmare, do you really hate me that much to take me shopping?" I pouted at her, even pulling out the big guns and widened my eyes, knowing the effect I had on her. Her mouth twitched at the corners but she still held her ground. 


"Pleaseee?" She copied my expression, sticking her bottom lip out even more than me. Damn, she looked so cute, I don't have the heart to deny her anything.


"Fine fine, let's go! But why now? What's it for?" I raised an eyebrow at her and started to question her even more when I saw her blush. This can't be good.


"Um, remember the last club we went to, the one in Italy? Remember how you were dancing with me and 'Catching Feelings' came on? Well, you sounded really good when you were singing in my ear, and I thought maybe I could get you to sing karaoke there, I heard they are letting people sign up if they want to sing there, and the winner of the night gets a record deal!


I blinked and let everything Selena said process in my head. Part of me felt proud that she liked my voice so much that she got me a gig for tonight, but the other part felt angry that she was going to sign me up without telling me if I hadn't asked her. But I stuck with my grateful side, happy that she thought about me. 


So, she DOES think about me after all...


Now's not the time you dickhead, Selena is waiting for an answer from you!


What? You again, do you ever mind your own business? Get out of my head!


No, because I'm that little voice in the back of your head that tells you the right thing to do. Now answer her!


"Wow, Selena, I don't know what to say. Thank you I guess?" I gave her my famous crooked smile.


"So, is that a yes? You'll sing tonight?" Selena bounced excitedly.


"Yeh I guess, if that's what you really want." I sighed, feigning nonchalance. Waiting for her response, and she once again, didn't disappoint me. She screamed loudly and jumped into my lap, wrapping her arms around me tightly. 


Well, if this was what she did every single time she's excited, I would gladly do anything she wants to make her happy!


I saw the familiar red blush creep on her cheeks went she pulled away from me. Oops, I guess I said that out loud. 


"Let's go shopping for our outfits!"





Shopping with my soon to be girlfriend.


Not my idea of fun.


Well, that wasn't totally true. In the last couple of days, I'd grown to really like Selena, actually, i'd grown to really love Selena. She was smart, funny, and very sweet, everything I look for in a girl. She had this innate ability to pull you out of a foul mood with a single smile. 


I followed Selena down the sidewalk, watching her with a smile working at my mouth. 


So maybe shopping with her was a little fun.


Selena was like a dog sniffing something out. She had this intense look of concentration on her face as we walked from store to store. She let herself be led by some unseen force, either skipping a store entirely or walking to the door, only to spin around with a look of disgust and walk to the next store.


"Are you always like this?" I whispered to her, nudging her side softly.


"Like what?"


"Shopping so...seriously?" I shrugged, not knowing any other way to put it.


"No. Only when I put pressure on myself. Otherwise, I don't try to..." She pursed her lips as she thought for the right word. "Search for something. I'm like any normal girl and tries on whatever I fancy."


I nodded at her comment, and said no more, following her from store to store. 


Selena's POV


The minute I saw the dress on the model at the window, I knew it was the one. Just as I was about step into the shop, I saw Justin about to walk in with me. Oh no, this won't do. He is not going to see the dress I'm going to be wearing to the club until we get there.


"Erm, Justin do you think you could wait out here for me?" I saw him frown and begin to protest but I walked up close to him, and looked at him under my lashes, "Please?"


I heard him grumble under his breath, before letting out a puff of air. "Fine."


I smiled widely, reached up and kissed his cheek before turning so he couldn't see my embarrassed face, and skipped into the shop. 


I walked up to the shop owner, asking her to fetch me that dress I saw in the window. She smiled at me, "That's a really nice dress, special night tonight?"


"Something like that," I smiled to myself, before thanking the owner and went back into the fitting room and fought with the dress. There were yards upon yards of white gossamer fabric and more straps than I had arms.


The second I had the dress on, I stood up on the platform and finally looked at my reflection. The dress didn't have a shape, but it still managed to fit my body perfectly. A thin strap went over my shoulder, while a twisted strap draped over my bicep. The other side had a silvery-colored strap that split and went back into two twisted sections. I always shied away from white because I'm so pale, but I loved everything about this. The length was up to mid-thigh but not too short that you could see my underwear. This dress was the one, it was perfect. 


I all but ran to the counter, and paid for it, before skipping back to Justin. 


"So what's in the bag?" He asked me cheekily, trying to peek into the huge bag I was holding that contained my dress for tonight.


I slapped him lightly on the shoulder, "You know exactly what it is and you won't find out until tonight!" 


He pouted but left it at that, for which I was thankful. He probably already knew what that pout did to me, and I didn't want to blurt out what I was wearing, I wanted it to be a surprise. I suddenly couldn't wait for tonight. 





The second we arrived back into the hotel, I locked myself in the bathroom, preparing for the big night out, hoping to show Justin a different me. A more confident and sexy one. 


Justin's POV


I heard the bathroom door lock with a click as I flopped back onto the bed. I knew that girls needed at least 2 hours to get ready so I relaxed and flipped open the television, hoping to get mind off everything. To say that I wasn't nervous about tonight would be lying. I was extremely nervous and this was unlike me. I know I was a cocky and arrogant bastard before Selena, but being with her these past few weeks has changed me for the better. I wanted, no, I really wanted her to like this song I've prepared for tonight, wanting her to hear the meaning behind this song. I wrote it a while ago, but now realised that it fits my feelings for her perfectly. 


I shook those thoughts out of my head, and decided to get dressed. An hour passed as I waited patiently for Selena to get ready. The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, it felt like time stopped. I felt a jolt run down my spine, a tingle of electricity that was so familiar, and looked up to see Selena staring at me. She looked incredible, like a divine Grecian goddess sent from Mount Olympus itself. Her dress suited her. It was natural and beautiful all at once, much like she was every day. Her hair was away from her face, and I could see the color rise to her cheeks as I gazed at her, letting her see the desire I had for her with my eyes since I couldn't do what was circling round my mind at the moment.


I wanted nothing more than to kiss those plump, pink lips and let the world know she was mine and that no one can have her. I watched her eyes glaze over as she dragged her eyes down my body. 


Selena's POV


I felt my jaw drop as I took him in. Justin literally looked like a Greek God. He looked extraordinary, dressed in a black v-neck tshirt that clung to him like a second skin and showed off all his muscles, and jeans that made his butt look real good. Too bad he didn't wear shorts to show off his long and tanned legs...His hair was its usual disaster, but it made him seem more approachable.


He smirked at the way I was staring at him, I mean, who wouldn't? I probably look like a man who has been in a desert for too long and finally sees water. 


"You ready to go Miss Gomez?" He asked in a British accent, extending his arm out for me to hold.


'Why yes I am," I said, taking his hand as he closed the door shut behind us. 


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