As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


10. Hurt and Betrayal


Justin's POV


I dropped Selena's and my bags onto the floor, leaned against the wall and pinched the bridge of my nose. I groaned softly to myself as she came to mind again. She was pretty; there was no way I could avoid it any more. I was so confused. I had only ever thought of one other girl as pretty in my whole life; it was always hot, sexy or fit, never pretty. But Selena wasn't hot, or sexy, or fit… well, she was but it didn't feel right describing her as that. She was pretty, beautiful, attractive – whatever – but not 'fit'. It sounded too plastic-y, too common, too… dull to describe Selena.


"Ugh!" I cried in annoyance, lightly banging the back of my head against the wall and running my hands through my hair. I was thinking about her like I liked her… which I guess I did now, but I was thinking about her as more than a friend, which she wasn't. She was merely a friend, and she didn't even think of me as a friend so she wasn't even that. I wasn't attracted to her, I had simply admitted that she was pretty. I assessed every girl I came across so what was wrong with assessing Selena?


The fact that you assessed her as pretty, you moron, a voice inside my head answered. Now I was going round in circles and talking to myself. Selena was driving me insane in the literal sense of the word. It was maddening. Just like the electricity that had flowed through me when I touched her. Even the most casual touch made my skin tingle like it had been burnt and my pulse race.


Then, a voice in front of me pulled me from my disturbing thoughts. I opened my eyes, adjusted the lighting of the airport, then glanced at the person in front of me.


"Courtney..." I trailed off, frowning. Now that I look at her, I could have sworn that in my memory she was hotter than this. Mind you, I had just spent a few hours with Selena just watching her sleep; any girl would look plain in comparison. Stop! Stop thinking of her like that brain!


"Hi Justin," the blonde giggled.


"Courtney, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be somewhere in America by now?" I squeezed my eyes shut and raised one eyebrow pointedly at her.


She giggled and winked at me, twirling a strand of hair in her finger. It was obvious that she was trying to make herself look pretty. I didn't know why; it wasn't like I'd keep her for more than one day.

"Well, yes, but I wanted to see you before I leave."


Ugh seriously what is with this girl? Can't she see that I don't want her around me?!


"Look Courtney, what do you want?" I gestured my hands to show her that I wasn't in the mood to have a conversation with her, and wanting her to hurry up.


"Well, I'm just wondering who you're partner was for this assignment?" She asked, biting her lip gloss covered lip. Ew, gross. What did I see in this girl anyway.


"Don't you already know?"


"Yeh, but I have sort of forgotten…so tell me." Courtney questioned, her eyes narrowing.


"Um…well…I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later…" I stammered.


"Please, tell me!" she whined, leaning her head close to mine and making her blue eyes pleading.


I was about to refuse when I looked into her eyes and saw that she wasn't going to let this go.


"Fine, it's Selena Gomez." I gave in.


Courtney stared at me. "Selena Gomez is your partner?"


I sighed. "Can we just forget about this? I didn't exactly get to choose my partner, did I?"


"But… Selena Gomez?" Courtney giggled. "She's like… weird."


I knew that Selena wasn't weird, but I pretended to agree for the sake of my reputation. "Tell me about it. She wears jeans all the time and can't stay upright for more than twenty seconds. And she has like basically no friends, all she does is sit in the corner of the cafeteria at school and read like a loner." For some reason, every cell in my body hated myself for saying that, but it was too late to take it back now.


Courtney giggled again and leaned in closer. "Now…" she murmured in what I presumed was supposed to be a seductive tone. It sounded like she was choking to me. "Where were we?"


Just as she leaned in for a kiss, I pushed her away. I knew I didn’t want Courtney. I realised, as Courtney is going to babble away about how amazing the kiss was, I knew that I had had enough of these bimbos. I wanted better; I wanted Selena.


She stared at me for a second, hurt. "What's wrong J?"


"My name's Justin," I told her flatly. Then I sighed. "Courtney, just leave please."


"What?" she gasped. "Why?"


"Just… just go, you have somewhere else to be." I ordered.


She stared at me for a moment and then left wordlessly. I could have sworn I saw a tear fall down her cheek but I didn't care. I leaned back, my mind reeling. I had just imagined that I wanted Selena when Courtney was about to kiss me. What the hell did that mean? I had never done that before. Did I like her?


No. No, I didn't like Selena in that way… but I sure as hell was attracted to her. Only physical attraction, of course; Justin Bieber didn't just fall for girls. She was pretty and it was only natural for me to be attracted to her, but that was all. And that was why I would never act on the attraction. I had my reputation to uphold, after all. And, besides, she hated me.


The sight of Selena coming out of the restrooms brought me out of my inner and confused thoughts.


"Hey, you ready to go?" I asked her, picking up our bags. She didn’t say anything, except bring her hood of her hoodie up over her head and walked away, ignoring the rest of the world around her. I didn’t understand what her problem was, but I decided not to question it, so I wordlessly followed her.




Selena's POV


Just as I was about to walk out of the restrooms, none other than Courtney's voice floated through the door. What the hell was she doing here?


"Selena Gomez is your partner?"


I had to strain my ears to hear Justin's reply. "…didn't exactly get to choose my partner, did I?"


"But…Selena Gomez?" Courtney laughed cruelly. "She's, like… weird."


I was surprised to find that Courtney's comment hurt. I knew that the other girls at school saw me like that but it hurt to hear it all the same. But what hurt more was Justin's response.


"Tell me about it. She wears jeans all the time and can't stay upright for more than twenty seconds. And she has like basically no friends, all she does is sit in the corner of the cafeteria at school and read like a loner." He sounded mocking, nasty.


Courtney giggled again and my head span dizzily. I don't know why I had expected otherwise, but I must have done, because the ache in my chest was a hell of a lot worse than a second ago. I shouldn't have wanted Justin Bieber to defend accusations of me being weird, because he hated me as much as, if not more than, everyone else. Hell, he probably started those accusations. So why did I feel as though I had been betrayed?


I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pushed myself away from the door and walked back towards to sink and glanced at myself in the mirror. I was right, once a player, always a player. Why did I think otherwise? I hated him, he hated me, but why did his comment effect me so much?


Well, I'd prove him wrong. From now on I'll wear no more jeans. I'd rip them up so I couldn't go back to my old slovenly ways. And then I'd wear mini skirts and dresses and tight tops… I'd prove him so wrong that even Justin himself was drooling for me. He'd beg and beg and I could turn him down as many times as possible, telling him to jump the next slut that walked by… but he wouldn't because he'd only want me but he couldn't have me… yeah, that would show him


I splashed some cold water on face to get rid of the redness around my eyes, combed my fingers through my hair and once again, stuffed the earplugs in my ears. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open.


"Hey you ready to go?" I heard Justin ask me. But I simply ignored him and pulled my hood up over my head. I could still hear his hurtful word replay again and again in my mind:  "She wears jeans all the time…has no friends, all she does is sit in the corner of the cafeteria at school and read like a loner."


I turned the music up full volume to block out everyone's voices, to block out Justin's painful response, to block out everything around me. Just drowning myself into the music that was playing in my ears as I walked towards the exit of the airport. 

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