As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


25. Gone



Justin's POV


It was all quiet. Too quiet. 




The room was empty. Where was she?




I pulled on a tshirt and walked down the hall.




Where the hell was she?


I ran down the stairs and towards the counter. "Hi have you seen a girl who has brown hair and brown eyes walk pass?"


The woman behind the counter shook her head. 


Damnit where was she? Oh she must be where the vending machines are. 




What the hell was that?


I ran towards the sound which led me to the vending machines. 


Her phone was lying on the ground along with the hotel room keys.




I glanced at the house across the road and saw pieces of glass on the ground. I raced across the street and pulled open the doors, ignoring the sharp pain in my hand as it cut against the glass


"SELENA!" I shouted but received no response. Nothing. 


"Excuse me, what's going on here?" I looked up and saw police officers standing in front of me. 


"My girlfriend, she's gone missing." Crap... I could hardly breathe... I slumped to the floor ignoring the glass around me. Where was she? My love, my life... Strong hands grabbed me, arms fastened around my body under my arms... I was being dragged.




"Justin... Justin?"


I groaned, my hand felt like a truck ran over it.


"Justin? Oh thank god you opened your eyes."


"Mum, what are you doing here?" I tried to flex my hand, freakin ow.


"Here sweetie, don't move your hand too much. I flew over here as soon as I heard what happened." She handed me an icepack...soothing.


Sweetie... I'm Selena's sweetie.


"Mum?" My voice is a rasp. "Where's Selena?"


"I'm assuming she is your girlfriend? The police filled me in on what had happened."


It's coming back to me now. Vending machines... she wasn't in the hotel toom...her phone on the on the ground...


"MUM? WHERE'S SELENA?" The sharp ache in my throat didn't prevent me from shouting. I started to get up from the bed, but Mum pushed me back down. What the hell?


"Shh... Justin. We're working on that now. The police are here; they need to speak with you."


"Where are we?" I struggled to get up again, but she put her hands on my shoulders and held me down. Why am I so weak?


"In the ER. The police need to ask you some questions... about Selena, and what happened."


I pushed her hands away, Mum, where's Selena? For god's sake, I need a goddamned answer!"


"Justin, we haven't been able to locate her..."


"What the hell do you mean? WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?"


"Look, Justin, we – that is, the family – we think she's been taken..."




"Justin, I'm already working on it and I will tell you everything we know, but I want you to talk to the police first, okay? I want them to get your answers without any bias from anything I might tell you. And I want to hear those answers too... there might be information that you don't realize is relevant. Now, I'm going to bring the officers in, okay?"


I nodded and Mum pressed a button and the top half of the bed slowly rose, bringing me to a sitting position. Then, the curtain opened and two officers, a male and a female, came towards me.


The blonde female gives me a warm smile. "Mr. Bieber, I'm Officer Davis and this is my partner, Officer Scott."


Scott nodded, his expression neutral. I glanced to my mother and saw that she had placed a small device on the rolling tray next to the bed. I raised an eyebrow at her. "It's a recorder, Justin. I want to make sure all of your words are recorded accurately." 


The friendly blonde asked, "Now, Mr. Bieber, can you tell me exactly what happened this morning... starting from the beginning?"


What happened? "Uh... I was in the shower, and when I came out Selena wasn't there. I..."


"Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Bieber. Who is Selena?"


The love of my life, the reason I exist. "She's my frien-...girlfriend Selena Marie Gomez."


Officer Scott was scribbling in a small notepad.


"When's the last time you saw Miss Gomez?"


"Before I walked into the bathroom to take a shower."


"And was everything okay last night?"


"Yes, it was fine. Have you sent anyone out yet?" Surely they've started looking for her.


"We need more information first, Mr Bieber? Did you and Miss Gomez have an argument?"


Why the hell was she asking me this? I shook my head. "No, of course not. We haven't argued in a long time." A small wisp of longing passed though me as I remembered the night of our first kiss, our first official date. 


"Every couple argues, Mr. Bieber. Or does she simply obey all of your commands?"


"What the hell are you suggesting?" Jesus christ... raking my hand through my hair, I looked to my mother who just shrugged her shoulders. 


"We just want to eliminate possibilities, Mr. Bieber. Often in cases like this, the woman's disappearance is her choice because she wants to escape the relationship. It could be because she's in an abusive situation. Or so I hear she had recently become your girlfriend?"


"How do you know?" Where was she going with this?


"Because you started to call her your friend before changing to girlfriend."


Of course. "Yes, I asked to be my girlfriend just last night."


The officer nodded knowingly. "Is it possible, Mr. Bieber, that she might have felt pushed into being your girlfriend? Perhaps she has simply gone away for some alone time. We've seen it many times... where someone is reported missing but they return a few days, sometimes weeks, later, and it turns out they just wanted some time to themselves."


I pinched my nose and shook my head... god, these idiots are completely on the wrong track.


Officer Scott spoke for the first time. "Or sometimes a young woman meets with foul play at the hands of her partner." He stared at me, waiting for my reaction.


"You think I hurt Selena? This is ridiculous! You should be out there finding her, not in here asking me stupid questions!" Jesus christ... me, hurt Selena... the concept is abhorrent.


Davis jumps in. "No, no... of course not, Mr. Bieber." She shot Scott a look. "We just have to consider all possibilities... to help determine how best to assign police resources... if at all."


"If at all? What the hell do you..."


Mum's annoyed voice cut me off, piercing the tense atmosphere. "Well, Good Cop and Bad Cop, why don't you let him finish telling you what happened after he woke up?" I loved my mum.


"Yes, of course... please, Mr. Bieber, tell us what happened after you stepped out of the shower, and noticed Miss Gomez wasn't there."


It all became crystal clear, like I was watching a movie of the whole thing in my head. I started to speak quickly, telling them the whole story. I felt extremely drained after the whole thing, leaning onto the pillows. 


"Thank you Mr Bieber, we will look into this matter."


I hugged Mum, her hand rubbing my back. "It's okay, I'm okay, Mum... but Selena's missing." She pulled back and I knew the pain I saw in her eyes was multiplied a thousand times in my own. And then I whispered, my voice breaking, "I let her down Mum... I should've gone with her down to the vending machines. But instead I told her to be careful... and now she's gone." I felt hot tears as they began to roll down my cheeks and, embarrassed, I buried my face in my mother's shoulder.


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