As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


16. Game On


Justin's POV


The smell of strawberries and freesias lingered in the air as Selena stepped out of the bathroom, rubbing her wet hair with a towel. The smell grew stronger and soon hit me right in the nose as she sat down on the bed next to me. She stopped what she was doing and just sat quietly. I nudged her slightly with my elbow and looked into her big brown eyes. 


"You okay?"


Selena seemed to snap out of what she was thinking before and looked away from me, "Yeh..." 


I knew that look on her face, and she wasn't telling me the truth. I touched her cheek with one finger and turned her head back to mine. 


"Just spill it," I gave her a wary look. 


"What you said before, did you mean it? You don't hate me?" 


I sighed exasperatedly, "No!" I said. "Why on earth would I hate you?" 


She just shrugged. 


"The question is, why don't YOU hate ME?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "I've… well, I've said some horrible things to you."


"In the past, Justin. They're forgotten. You said sorry," Selena pointed out.


"But sorry is just a word Selena!" I exclaimed, pinching the bridge of my nose. She looked at me. "Sorry can't convey anything! It's just one little word! I want there to be something so much harder that you have to do rather than say one inconsequential little word so that I can prove to you how much I regret saying those things! I am so sorry, Selena. But it doesn't change anything. People still believe the rumours I started. People still avoid you like the plague. People still bitch about you. I've said sorry, but none of that has changed."


Selena's POV


I sat in stunned silence when he finished his speech. He stared into my eyes, and I felt myself drawn in again, unable to look away. Just like earlier. My mind was still reeling from what he had just said. Maybe Justin Bieber did like me after all. 


"So are you going to shower?" I asked eventually. He just nodded, grabbing his tshirt and a pair of shorts before stepping into the bathroom. 


Half an hour later, the door opened with a click and I looked up. Justin came in, and smiled at me. Then, he came over and perched on the end of the sofa.


"You shouldn't have to sleep over here," I whispered.


He smiled slightly. "Why not? What's wrong with here?"


"Well…" I shrugged, not answering. 


"What else do you suggest?" he asked. 


I sighed. "Nothing. I dunno."


Then it all started to click when he finally understood what I was getting at. His jaw dropped of its own accord. "You think we should share?"


I blushed bright red. "Well, only if you want to. I mean, you don't have to. I just… it's a double bed and I feel guilty taking up all of it when I only need a little tiny space. Not that I'm tiny or anything I just don't take up the whole bed…" I was babbling nervously now; repeating myself. Jeez good job Selena, way to go.


He laughed and brushed some of my wet hair aside. "I think it's a cool idea."


I looked up slowly and smiled shyly. "Really?"




I laughed once and then went and got in the bed. I looked at him expectantly so he laughed and joined me, making sure to stick to his side.


Silence fell between us, but it didn't matter because there was nothing that really needed to be said.


He sighed and rolled over again. "Goodnight," he said quietly.


"Night, Justin." 



My eyes fluttered open the next morning to sunlight streaming through the gap in the curtains. Then the arm around me stirred… wait. The arm around me? I looked up to see Justin's angelic sleeping face very close to mine. I hadn't fallen asleep in his arms, so how had I woken in them? Well, whatever, I wasn't arguing. I must have shuffled closer to him in my sleep.


I decided not to move away again and see what his reaction was when he woke. I let my eyes slide shut again, thankful that no one was here to interrupt this perfect moment.


Justin rolled on his side and pinned me underneath him, holding me close against his muscular chest. I rested my cheek against his shoulder and sighed quietly. I breathed him in, my heart's rhythm breaking as the now-familiar scent took me over.


"Selena," he breathed and I looked up, thinking he had woken. When I saw that he hadn't, a huge smile lit up my face.


"Justin," I whispered against him, making the most of his arm around me. Lying here, like this, it was so easy to pretend that he wanted me. To imagine that, when he woke, he wouldn't push me away and demand to know why we had ended up intertwined like this. That he would pull me closer and never let me go.


But my moment of happiness couldn't last. Because then, with a small moan, Justin rolled on to his back again and his beautiful honey brown eyes revealed themselves.


"Morning," I whispered.


He blinked a few times then looked down at me. "Morning," he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep. Then he froze and looked at me again, realising how close we were.


I smiled innocently, staring at him with wide eyes.


He sighed, and I shifted away from him, my few minutes of pretending over.


But Justin's arm tightened around me and he murmured, "Where are you going?"


I hesitated and he pulled me back again. Now, I was pretty sure that friends didn't do this. But I didn't question it, just slipped my arm back around him and leaned against him. 


"Well, I was about to go brush my teeth, but obviously someone doesn't want me to?" I looked pointedly at him and raised my eyebrows for extra affect.


"Oh right yes, of course." He pulled away from me, blushing. Wait what? Justin Bieber is blushing? 


"Aww are you blushing?" 


He quickly glanced at me before turning his whole body to the foot of the bed. 


"I think it's quite cute actually," I crawled over and pinched his cheeks.


He gently swatted my hands away, "Yeh yeh whatever you say... So what do you say we go to a football game today?"


I blinked. "What? No we can't! What about our project, we still have heaps of work to - "


Justin placed a finger against my lips. "Hey, don't worry so much. We'll finish it, but for now, let's have some fun! Please?"


Ugh that cheating little rascal! But he's oh so cute with that puppy dog face! Dang, he had me again!


"Fine okay! Let's go!" 



Justin's POV


The stadium was packed as we entered, the reporters that had been milling around all took their seats. The Eagles won the toss and elected to defer to the second half so they kicked off. The drive stalled at the Eagles 48 and Jets punted, pinning the Eagles at the two with a beautifully executed corner kick that went out of bounds. The quarterback Masen took the field to the roar of the crowd and I found myself holding my breath as he stood inside the goal line, barking out orders before signaling for the snap. Palios was charging around the corner and Sirus blocked him for a couple of precious seconds as quarterback scanned the field. Palios got by Sirus just as Payne came open in the middle of the field. Masen saw it and released the ball just as Palios leveled him with a hard hit.


I couldn't help but bite my lip as Masen was driven into the ground, his left shoulder slamming down hard. Selena gasped quietly beside me as we both watched helplessly as Coach pulled Masen to his feet and he rolled his shoulder once before jogging ahead on the field to the 17-yard line. 

A handoff to Sirus went for a gain of five and on second down Masen took a five-step drop, surveying the field. I saw it at the same time he did. Archie got two steps on Williams and Masen first looked left, getting the safety to cheat that way, and then let the ball fly. Archie caught it and had nothing but clear field ahead because the safety had bitten on Masen's play fake. One play, 83 yards and a touchdown. 


The Jets took the field and answered with a long, clock-eating drive that took 8:32 seconds off the game clock, ending with a field goal when Payne sacked Sirus at the 12-yard line. The kickoff came down in the end zone and Barton returned the ball to the 23. Masen took the field again and immediately threw a screen pass to Archie for a gain of 8. He went on his own mechanical, clock-eating drive, moving his team down the field with a series of short passes and running plays that kept the Jets defense guessing. He found Fitzpatrick for a 20-yard touchdown and the Eagles were up 14-3 midway through the second quarter.


Sirus drove the boys to midfield on a mid-range pass to Austin and a 13-yard scamper by Blane. He went back to pass to a wide open Payne who had beaten Winston down the right sideline but just as he cocked his arm to pass Parker broke through the line and sacked him, jarring the ball loose. Winston recovered and returned the ball to the Eagles 37. Masen took the field and two plays later Archie was in the end zone with another TD.


The second half started with the Eagles taking possession on the 27. The first play, Archie ran a slant and three players were on him. Fitz had man coverage down the right sideline but he was blanketed by the DB and I watched in disbelief as Masen threw to Archie in triple coverage. Damned if he didn't complete the pass for a gain of 43 yards though. I fought from laughing at loud at the explosion in the stadium around me. "I can't believe he threw that!" "I can't believe he completed it!" The drive ended with a TD run by Fitz. 31-10 Eagles.


The Jets started pressing and the Eagles pinned their ears back and blitzed on almost every single play, now that the running game was pretty much useless as the clock was working against them. Sirus threw a pick at the 48 and Masen took the field again. They lined up in the I-formation and the Boys crowded the line to stop the run but Masen took a seven step drop and waited patiently for Fitzpatrick to come open downfield. He ran his corner route and cut in and Masen let the ball fly just as Dallas flew in to hit him, his arm smacking Masen right in the face as he took the hit. He was down on the ground as the crowd around me gasped in horror. 


"Is he going to be alright?" Selena whispered, clinging onto me clearly shocked at what happened. 


"I'm sure he's fine, after all he is the star quarterback." I replied, squeezing her hands for good measure. 


The camera zoomed in to Masen's face as he sat up, physically unharmed. The game continued and Masen kept throwing because the Jets stuffed the box with eight anticipating run. The route was on and the final score was 41-17. Masen finished the game with 438 yards passing and only five incompletions, two of which had been drops. The whole stadium burst into cheering and applause as the Eagles won the game, once again. 


I turned and winked at Selena, "Now that wasn't so bad was it?"


"No, I had a lot of fun, thanks Justin." She replied, smiling up at me. Her smile could've lit up the entire stadium as my heart fluttered and I knew that my discovery today was definite. I did love her. I loved her very much. Too much, in fact.




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