As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


2. First Day


Selena’s POV

It was dark around me; really dark. I couldn't see beyond arms length so it scared me. All I could hear was the wind howling around me, causing my hair to fly everywhere. Suddenly, I saw a figure in front of me. I couldn’t make out his appearance but he was close enough for me to see the outline of his body. His hair stood out against the infinite blackness, but not as much as his scorching black eyes did. He stared at me, unspeaking, his eyes intense, smouldering.

I tried to run but my feet were firmly planted on the ground, refusing to move away from my spot. I tried to scream for help but a little squeak of terror came out of my mouth instead. I got my feet to move and stumbled away from him, but he kept moving towards and every time I thought I was getting further away from me he'd take a bigger step towards me.

Then, suddenly, he disappeared from my sight altogether. I found my voice then. "Hello?" I whispered through the darkness. "Is anyone there?" I darted my eyes around, searching for him, but all I could see was darkness. Then, I felt a presence behind my back, but when I turned around, it was gone. A shiver ripped through my spine and without thinking, I pushed through the darkness trying to get out of this place. But a voice beside me cause me to freeze. “Don’t cross the river,” it rasped in my ear. I glanced to the side, but all I saw was pitch black.

“What are you talking about? What river?” I shouted watching him slowly disappearing from my sight.  “Wait, come back! What are you trying to say?” The darkness was around me again and I broke into a heap of agonized sobs.

“Beep beep beep!” I gasped as I shot up from my bed covered in a thin layer of sweat. The beeping of my alarm clock from somewhere nearby woke me from my dream. I fumbled blindly along my bedside table, effectively knocking over my lamp in the process. I have had the same dream every night now, each time, there was someone warning me about crossing a river. I opened my sore eyes and glanced at my digital clock: 8:01am.

“Holy crap! I’m late for school!” I stumbled out of bed, stubbing my toe as I made my way to the bathroom. I cursed under my breath and ran my hand through my hair, trying to get all the knots out. I turned on the shower, yelping loudly when my hand made contact with the boiling hot water. Once I made sure the water was at the right temperature, I stepped under the spray, my sore muscles relaxing instantly under the heat, and proceeded to wash my hair in my favourite strawberry shampoo. Once washed, I dressed in a pair of blue skinny jeans, white tank top and a black wool cardigan, with my favourite vans laced on my feet.

I rushed out of my room and trampled down the stairs, nearly tripping over when I made it to the ground. I grabbed myself a muesli bar and gave my mum a quick kiss on the cheek before slamming the door shut and jumping into my Volvo. Getting up late on the first day back after the holidays was not a great idea if I wanted to keep my perfect record. Which I did. But I knew that my perfect grades and no ‘lates’ were probably the causes of my lack of popularity.

I sighed as I saw North-ridge high in front of me. I drove my car to park in my usual space but stopped when I saw a sleek black Porsche parked there instead. I felt my eyes bulge open. No one took my spot. Unless...

The owner of the car stepped out, running his hand through his already messy coppery coloured hair, causing all the girls around him to swoon. All, except for me. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. He was tall, lean and dressed in all black. His t-shirt was sculpted to his obviously well-defined chest and torso. I rolled my eyes and stepping out of my car and stood in front of him. His normal light brown eyes went hard as he looked down at me.

“What do you want Gomez?” He smirked, lifting the corner of his lips. “You just couldn’t stay away from me could you?”

I snorted loudly, “Hardly! I just came to tell you that you’re in my parking space.” I glanced up at him through my lashes to meet his stare.  

"It’s not yours. I don’t see a sign on it saying ‘Selena’s property’ anywhere!" he glared.

“Look, Justin. I know we aren’t on the best of terms with each other, but at least give me my spot back! And besides, why would you park HERE? Isn’t it where all the ‘losers’ park? As you said?” I waved my hand in front of his face as if to try and prove my statement.

“You know what, you’re right,” he leaned down and stared into my eyes. I smiled in triumph and opened my mouth to say something, but was interrupted. “But I’m still not moving my car, because I love seeing the look on your face when you’re pissed off!” And with one last smirk, he turned and walked away from me.

“That asshole!” I thought angrily, clenching my fists so hard I could feel my nails draw out blood. Great, the first day of school, completely ruined by the school’s biggest rebel and player. Justin Bieber.

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