As Long As You Love Me

Bad boy Justin needs to be taught a lesson. So his teachers come up with a plan and pairs him off with the best behaved girl in school for a school assignment! What happens when sparks fly between them? Will Justin and Selena admit their feelings to each other?


12. Carnival Rides and Rope Courses


Justin's POV


Morning came all-too-soon, pulling me from sweet dreams consisting of a certain girl with chocolate brown eyes. Technically, it wasn't the morning that ripped the dreams away, but the girl herself. I laid there for a few, just watching her sleep before getting up and walking towards the bathroom.


I quickly brushed my teeth and combed a hand through my hair to try and tame the unruly mess, but of course, I failed. By the time I walked back into the room, I saw Selena already up with a bad case of bed hair. She looked adorable, but I didn’t say that part out loud.


"Rise and shine sleepyhead!" I sang pulling open the curtains and letting the sunshine pour in.


Selena groaned, rubbed her eyes and glared at me, "So, what shall we do today?"


I thought for a moment, and then suddenly grinned. "Ooh! I know! There's a travelling fair just down the road! We can go there! And after that, we'll get on with our project."


"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Selena asked.


"What?" I mocked, momentarily forgetting about our moment last night. "Too chicken to go on rides are you?"


"No," she replied stonily. "Actually, I was worried that you would be."


"Aw, worried about me, are you?"


"Okay! So what time do we leave?" Selena sighed, ignoring what I had said before.


I looked at my watch. "Let's go now!"


So we did.




About an hour later, Selena and I were trailing round the fair, each with a stick of candyfloss. We hadn't been on any rides yet, Selena insisting that the queues were too big for all the rides I pointed out. I had a sneaky suspicion that she was scared. So we wandered around, Selena trying out those ridiculous stalls that conned you out of every penny you owned and I rolled my eyes at her.


"Ooh!" Selena suddenly squealed, pointing at another stall. "Look! I have to try that!" And she rushed off, leaving me behind. I followed her, wondering why I had suggested coming to this place in the first place. Surely Selena would be fine by herself?


I got to the stall just as Selena paid the guy her money and he gave her five plastic hoops to get over bottles.


"Seriously, Selena, why do you waste your money on things like this?" I asked, earning myself a glare from the owner of the stall.


"Look at that lion," she said, pointing at the stuffed toy lion that hung from the wall. "I want it."


"But Selena, you'll never win on these things, you're just throwing away your cash," I pointed out.


She ignored me and threw the first ring. It hooked around the top of the bottle and spun a few times before falling down around the bottom.


She smiled smugly at me. "See?"


"Beginner's luck," I allowed.


She quirked a brow at me and threw the second ring, this time missing completely. She scowled, glaring at the ring for a second, as though she could will it to move, but it didn't. I shifted from one foot to another, stifling my laughter as she tossed the third ring, again missing. Irritated, she threw the fourth one with a little more force, but this only knocked a bottle over. Then, sighing, she closed her eyes and flung the fifth ring. It didn't get close, hitting a prize at the back and knocking it off.


"See?" I quoted her sourly.


Selena ignored me, as usual. "Excuse me?" she called the supervisor of the stall over.


"What?" he asked her.


"I got one ring over." She pointed at it. "What do I win?"


The guy looked at the ring and grunted. "Oh. Uh… you can choose one of the prizes in this bucket." He held up a bucket with loads of junk in it. Selena frowned at the plastic key rings and toy cars.


"How many hoops do you have to get over to win the lion?" she asked.


"All five," the guy replied.


Selena frowned again, and then dug around in her bag for her purse. She pulled out a ten dollar bill. "I'll have another ten hoops please."


"Certainly," the guy said, taking her bill and handing her ten hoops.


"Selena!" I moaned, tossing her candyfloss stick in a nearby bin. "You're never going to win the lion, okay? Just give it up already!"


"No," Selena refused. "Go ride on something if you don't want to watch." She threw the first ring and missed. "Damn."


I rolled my eyes and chucked my stick away too. "Here I'll help you instead," I said and holding out my hands gesturing her to hand over the hoops to me. She sighed and reluctantly placed them in my hand before turning over to watch me throw. I concentrated on every throw and soon enough, I had all five hoops around the bottles. Selena squealed and clapped her hands, before wrapping her arms around me.


"Thank you so much!" she exclaimed, lightly pecking my cheek before turning over to the stall manager, asking for the lion. I placed a hand on my cheek and felt what I felt last night when she did the same thing. It was like a million volts jolted from my cheek to the tips of my toes. Seeing her jump and laugh in happiness made me realise that I would do everything in my will power to make her happy. Damn, if winning her one soft toy would make her this ecstatic, then I would win her all the toys in the stall if she wanted!


"So, where to next?" I asked walking next to Selena as she held the huge stuffed toy in her arms.


"Um…the 'Death Trip'? She glanced at me over the lion.


I stopped dead. "Seriously?"


 She narrowed her eyes. "Yes. What's it to you?"


I shrugged. "I've heard it's pretty scary…"


She raised an eyebrow. "You think I'd be scared." It was a statement, not a question.


"Of course. I think that maybe… the tea-cup ride might be better suited to your 'adventurous nature'," I mocked.


"Whatever." And she walked off again.


I followed her. Why? I have absolutely no idea.


"Why are you following me?" she demanded.


"I'm not. I'm simply heading for 'Death Trip'."


She scowled and got in line. I followed suit. We didn't speak while the line moved, ignoring each other as though we'd never spoken. The front of the queue drew nearer and, within half an hour of joining the line believe it or not, we were at the front.


"Next two!" the man called and Selena and I stepped forward.


"I don't want to ride with you," she growled.


"What and you think I want to ride with you? If I had a choice, I'd have taken it."


"You did have a choice," she hissed as she climbed in. "You didn't have to follow me here!"


"For crying out loud!" I climbed in next to her. "I didn't follow you!"


"Yes you…" Selena was cut off as the carriage started moving. "Humph."


"Will you scream?" I asked, completely aware of the innuendo.


She obviously wasn't. "Probably."


I laughed at her naivety. "Enjoy the ride," I said, a mocking edge to my voice.


She looked questioningly at me, but then we were thrust through the doors to the inside part of the ride and utter darkness, and this effectively ended all conversation. As the carriage started to fall, Selena screamed and clutched the lion close to her chest. For once, I actually wished it was in who was in the lion's place. But I shook that thought out of my head.


"Take my hand," I shouted at her over everyone's screams.


"No! I don’t want to!" She yelled back grasping on the handle bars instead.


"Stop being stubborn and just take my hand!"


She grabbed my hand and squeezed it every now and then when the ride started to drop.


A few minutes later, we got off the ride and were wandering back over to see what other rides we should go on. I stole a quick glance at Selena and resisted the temptation to laugh at her. Her hair was windswept by the rollercoaster and her cheeks were flushed a delicate shade of pink. Her dark eyes rung with excitement and a huge grin was plastered on her face. Actually, she looked quite cute.


I realised a moment too late that I was staring at her.


"What?" she asked shyly.


"Nothing," I replied honestly, looking ahead as we continued to walk. "Hey I know a great place we could go next."


"But what about our assignment?" Selena protested.


"Come on, we'll do it tomorrow. After all we're in Italy now, we should just enjoy the fun!"


"Okay…what is it?" She answered hesistantly.


I tugged her towards the exit of the fair. "You'll see."




Selena's POV


 As soon as we arrived at our destination, only then did my eyes begin to focus and I looked up at the sign telling me where Justin had brought us.


This had to be a joke. It was practically suicidal for me.


"Justin!" I wailed when my eyes had adjusted to the light. "Please tell me you are not serious!"


Justin looked at me, an amused expression colouring his face. "Why?" he asked. "Can't you handle a little physical activity?" He winked at me and I glared at him. Stupid, cocky, arrogant…


"Of course I can!" I snapped furiously. "But I can't walk along a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over let alone dangle however many hundred feet above the ground and do… this!" I gestured at the course above our heads.


Justin rolled her eyes. "That's why you have a safety harness, Selena. Besides, it's only thirteen feet up."


I gulped and looked up again. Justin, for some insane reason, had brought us to a rope course which was basically an assault course thirteen feet above the ground with ropes and other dangerous stuff that would more than certainly result in my death. Thirteen feet or thirteen hundred, it made no difference to me. Either way, it was still a disaster waiting to happen.


"Come on Selena!" Justin called and I realised that he'd already made his way toward the entrance.


I walked over to him. "Actually, Justin, I might just wait in the car…"


"It's called fun Selena. Live a little more spontaneously."


I frowned and looked up. Then I sighed. "If I die, you're telling my mum," I told him and flounced ahead to join the line.


We queued in silence and I read some of the huge billboards they had up, trying to find something to get me out of this. But nothing caught my eye.



"…and if you make sure that your harness is secure every now and then you should be fine," the instructor told us almost half an hour later. We were stood at the top at the starting point being roped up and attached to various things. I had made the mistake of looking down and I now felt incredibly sick.


I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the world to stop spinning around me. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder.


"Selena?" Justin whispered in my ear. "Are you okay?" He actually sounded concerned. Huh. Maybe he was nervous too.


"No, since you were the one that brought me here," I squeaked.


"You'll be fine," he assured me. "It's fun when you get started. I promise."


I opened my eyes and looked into his bright honey brown pair and I could see no hint of betrayal in them. His gorgeous eyes somehow made me feel better and the rest of the world seem distant.


I nodded, dazed, and he chuckled softly and looked away. This was so unfair. Was he even aware of how dazzling his eyes were? And only his eyes, mind you. He's still as annoying as hell.


 I watched nervously as the person in front of me put one foot in front of the other, not even wobbling.

"Selena," Justin's voice came from behind me again. "Calm down. Stop biting your lip or you'll bite it off completely." And before I knew it, his finger brushed against my lip, forcing me to release it from my mouth. The moment our skin touched, that electric current flooded through me again. I blushed bright red and turned away from his intense stare, my already pretty-wobbly knees now dangerously close to collapse.


"Next!" the man, whose name I had forgotten due to my panicked state of mind, called and I stepped shakily on to the beam. I held my breath and put all of my concentration into walking along the beam without stumbling. To my intense surprise, I did it.


"Well done!" Justin called behind me.


I smiled as the adrenaline pulsed through my veins. Justin joined me seconds later. I gaped at him. "How did you do that so fast?"


"I have good stamina," he replied cockily. Then he winked and I understood what he meant.


As it turned out, I actually did have fun and I didn't kill myself. I did fall a lot though, and I had a strong suspicion that I'd have quite a lot of bruises in the morning. And I was beginning to warm to Justin as well. Behind the player, he seemed to be okay, not that I saw behind the mask that much. He caught me when I tripped and talked to me civilly. But, as we gave the safety harnesses back, I caught him watching me intensely, an emotion I couldn't name in his eyes. I smiled briefly and all traces of that emotion were gone, his eyes cheeky and mocking again.


"There," Justin said as we got back into a taxi and drove back to the hotel, "that wasn't so bad was it?"


I just shrugged and smiled. Yeh, it hadn't been that bad.

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