Carrots for life

Angel Harper was a typical 19 year old girl who L.O.V.E.S loves one direction but Louis has to be her favorite in the band. She lives in London. She has long blonde hair and prefectly pale skin. She absolutely loves carrots what happens when her two loves combine it may be good and may not be good

P.s. I am writing this on my iPod and the keys are hard to hit so there may be some messed up letters and if anything is to confusing just email me with the sentince and I will clarify

P.P.s my email is:


2. Meeting the one and only

He stopped in front of my house with his mouth wide open. I finally realized HE WAS LOUIS FLIPING TOMLINSON. I started screaming and jumping around I finally calmed down I didnt see him any more but I saw his 4 friends I heard the door bell ring and Carly went to answer it I ran over picked her up and opened the door there Louis Tomlinson stood there "hello love" he said "uhh.....hi" I said to slow "what's your name" he said "Harper" I said "hi Harper" he says "angel" I said quickly "what" he says confused "my names angel, harpers my last name" I said " ok and this is" he says pointing to my sister I was carying "this is" I said starring at her "Carly" she said after I finished "oh she's so cute can I hold her" he said "ya here" I said as I handed Carly to him and he took her and put her on his shoulders "yay" Carly said
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