Carrots for life

Angel Harper was a typical 19 year old girl who L.O.V.E.S loves one direction but Louis has to be her favorite in the band. She lives in London. She has long blonde hair and prefectly pale skin. She absolutely loves carrots what happens when her two loves combine it may be good and may not be good

P.s. I am writing this on my iPod and the keys are hard to hit so there may be some messed up letters and if anything is to confusing just email me with the sentince and I will clarify

P.P.s my email is:


1. Intro

Hello my name is Angel Harper I am 19 and I live in london i may be the biggest one direction fan ever Louis is my favorite let me get to my story it's in the middle of winter and me and my sister, isabella who is 18 just finished helping our sister, carly who's 3 make a snowma it had a carrot nose and a hat and gloves on we just finished and I was sitting by the fire staring out the window when I see a boy with brownish-blondish skipping around he looked like he was 20 but he was acting like a 5 year old he was with 4 other boys one had blonde hair and was wearing a blue hood an other one had black hair with a blonde piece in the front he was wearing a plain t shirt one had curly brown hair and was wearing a jaket he was also skipping around the last one had a shaved head he was wearing a plaid shirt the one I saw first was wearing a striped shirt and red skinny jeans. He just stopped in front of my house staring at our snowman with his mouth open
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