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4. Cassie and Louis


Shoot, I was late! My dad had signed me on a contract to work with Simon Cowell as his assistant and I was going to be late on my first day! I ran down the sidewalk, trying to dodge people. I barely smacked into a little kid as I skidded to a stop at a cross walk. I waited impatiently, checking my phone every two seconds. Finally I was able to cross and after I crossed, I turned right on the sidewalk and continued to run.

"HEY! Watch where you're going!" Someone yelled angrily as I almost smacked into them.

I looked back over at them, "Sorry!" 

Bam! I smacked into someone and we both went sprawling onto the sidewalk.

"Oh my gosh , I am so sorry love." A British accent said.

"It's okay." I said scrambling to get my papers, which he helped me pick up. I looked up and was startled to see the blue eyes of Louis Tomlinson. "I am so sorry." I said, staring at his eyes, noticing the weird feeling as our eyes stayed locked.

"It's okay." He said, staring at me intently. I broke eye contact and picked up my iPhone, noticing we had identical ones. I hoped I grabbed mine. 

"Thank you." I said, as he handed me my papers. 

"You're welcome." He said, looking down as our hands brushed. An electric tingle zapped my skin and I could tell he felt it to. 

"Bye." I said, running off again. I couldn't be later than I already was. 

I knocked on Simon's door and took a minute to admire his large house. He opened up and greeted me with a smile, "You must be Cassie, come in, I've got some work for you to do." I followed him into his house and gawked at it. It was huge. He showed me to his office and a stack of papers, "I'll be out on the patio if you need me." He said, leaving the office. 

I was about half-way through the stack of papers when my phone rang. Not bothering to see who it was, I just hit accept.


"Louis?" A deep male voice said.

"No...this is Cassie." I said.

"Oh, well why do you have Lou's phone?"

"Who's Louis?" I asked, extremely confused.

"Louis Tomlinson?"

"Oh my gosh." I muttered.


"Are you Harry Styles?" I breathed, not believing that I had picked up the wrong phone.

"Yeah." They said.

"Oh my gosh, I must've grabbed the wrong phone." I groaned. 

Someone pushed the office door open, "It's okay, I'll just-" Harry stopped talking when he saw me and hung up. "Cassie?"

"How'd you find me so fast?" I asked. handing him Louis's phone. 

"I had to come by and grab something from Simon. Louis's in the living room. He won't shut up about a girl he met today."  Butterflies immediately took flight.


"Yeah, you must be her." He said, leading me out to where Louis was. Louis practically fell out of his chair when he saw me. 

"Hey." He smiled, "Sorry about all that." He said, when I handed him his phone.

"It's all good." I smiled.

I didn't realize how close we were standing to Louis was glancing at my lips. He quickly leaned down and kissed me and then flushed from embarrassment. "Kiss me again." I whispered. He smiled, leaned down and kissed me. 

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