Catching Feelings (a Justin Bieber fanfic)

Justin and Anissa had been best friends ever since they were small. They had pretty much grown up together. But when Justin and Selena Gomez begin dating, their friendship is in danger. So Justin decides that Anissa should go live with him. But was that really the right decision? Or would it just bring problems for everyone?


2. Welcome to LA

Anissa's P.O.V.

"Yeah, we'll be landing in about half an hour." I heard Justin explaining to someone on the phone, as I woke up from my nap. I was sitting right next to him, on the window seat.

"Ok, well maybe after you're out of the studio you can come over to meet Anissa?" He continued speaking, unaware that I had woken up.

"Thanks, this really means a lot to me, seen as Anissa is like a sister to me. It'd make me extremely happy if you two actually got along, and perhaps even became friends!" There was a pause, probably because the other person was talking now.

"Haha ok, and thank you again, I love you." Justin finally spoke, then hung up. Judging by the words 'I love you' and the smile on his face, I guessed he had just spoken to his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

"Hey, you're awake!" He said, finally realizing I had woken up.

"Yeah, and I'm hungry!" I answered, patting my tummy.

"Now that you mention it, so am I!"

"What a copy catter!" I teased.

"Oh ok, then nevermind I'm not hungry! So I won't ask them to bring us anything to eat!"

"What?! No Justin I was just kidding!"

"Hah! That's what I thought!" He then asked a lady to bring us some snacks, and as soon as she did so, we ate up.

"So, do you think I'll like it in LA?" I asked him, once I was done with my snack.

"You'll love it, Trust me. Although, at first it might take some getting used to, but after a while, you'll see how great it is."

"You think so?"

"I know so, and I also know that you'll miss Canada and your parents, but just think of this as an adventure. . . our adventure. You know, the two of us, best friends. . . almost like brother and sister." His words comforted me, and I let the excitement take over me, because I knew that no matter where I was, if I was with Justin, I'd always be happy.

"Thank you." I said, looking into his big brown eyes.

"What for?" He asked, as he wore a smile on his face.

"Well, for always being there for me and for always knowing what to say to make me feel better." I answered.

"Well, that's what best friends are for, right?" He replied.

"Yeah. . . best friends." I said that last part under my breath.

"Attention passengers, this is the pilot speaking. Please buckle up your seat belts, as we will be landing soon." The pilot announced. And sure enough, in about ten minutes, we safely landed.

It took a while to get off the plane, but when we finally did, Justin and I went to go get our luggage. And of course, since this was the Justin Bieber we're talking about, a bunch of fans and papparazi circuited us, taking pictures and/or asking for autographs. And Justin, being the kind sweetheart he is, he took a couple pictures and signed a couple autographs for his fans. Then, we quickly made our way outside the airport.

As we stood outside the airport, Justin made a quick phone call, asking where the person who was supposed to pick us up was.

"Oh yeah, I see him now." He spoke through the phone, after looking around a bit. He then ended the call. I saw where he had pointed to, so I started to make my way to a dark car, but then Justin stopped me.

"Wait." He said, then walked the opposite way. I had no idea what he was up to, but like always, I just followed him.

"Here, let me help." He said to a woman who was about in her mid-70s, as he helped her put her luggage in her car.

"Thank you, young man. You are very kind." she thanked Justin.

"No problem." He replied, smiling.

"God bless you, the two of you." She said, sweetly. "And may I say, you two make such an adorable couple." She said, once she had gotten inside her car.

"Oh no, actually we're not, we're just-" I tried to clear things out, but Justin cut me off.

"Thank you." He said, instead.

"It's better to just go along with people instead of explaining, let them think what they'd like." He explained to me, after the old woman had left.

"Right." I answered, then we headed to the car that would be taking us home, to my new home.

Once we arrived to Justin's condo, Justin carried my bags upstairs, to show me the room where I would be staying. When I walked in there, I was surprised to see that the room. . . my room was incredibly awsome! It was decorated with white and purple walls and it had posters of my favorite football and baseball teams. It was simply amazing!

"Oh my God Justin, this is fricken awsome!" I yelled, analizing the room carefully.

"I'm glad you like it!" He aswered cheerfully.

"Like it? I love it! But, who organized this whole thing?" I asked curiously.

"What? Your question is of great offensiveness! You don't think I could come up with this myself?"

"Honestly. . . no."

"Haha your right, I would never be able to create this!" We both laughed at his comment.

"So, who did?" I asked, still having that doubt.

"Selena!" He said, with a smile on his face. "I told her about your arrival, and I had told he that I would hire a proffesional to decorate the room. But she offered to do this, probably because she knows how much it all means to me. I just needed to tell her your likes and dislikes, and she made sure that everything would be perfect for whenever you arrived!"

"Wow, she sounds so nice and sweet. . . no wonder you're in love with her."

"Yeah, and I really think you guys will get along just great! I really hope so, anyway." I could tell he was excited for his girlfriend and his best friend to meet eachother, his face beemed with happiness.

"Well we should get ready because she'll be joining us for dinner, so you guys can meet!"

"Great, I'll go shower then." I replied, with a smile. "I can't wait to finally meet her."

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