Catching Feelings (a Justin Bieber fanfic)

Justin and Anissa had been best friends ever since they were small. They had pretty much grown up together. But when Justin and Selena Gomez begin dating, their friendship is in danger. So Justin decides that Anissa should go live with him. But was that really the right decision? Or would it just bring problems for everyone?


1. Farewell Canada

"Justin! Come, I need to show you something!" A girl about eight years old yelled to a boy about her same age.

"Okay, what is it?" The little boy asked.

"Just come, I'll show you!" She replied, pulling him by the arm. She took him to her back yard, which was really big. And there, a big beautiful tree layed.

Both of the little kids would always climb this tree and just hang out, they had been best friends ever since 1st grade. Justin had been Anissa's first friend at school, since she had been new. Most of the little girls were always rude to her since she was 'different'. Anissa was always left out from most girls because she wasn't girly at all. She didn't like to play with dolls or wear dresses or even paint her nails. And she honestly didn't find anything wrong with getting along more with boys than with girls, but everyone seemed to judge her because of that. Even her own father!

Anissa was an only child, and her dad loved to spoil her. But she wasn't like one of those brats, she never needed barbies or kitchen toys to be happy. She was a cheerful little girl who liked to ride bikes and play sports. Although her dad wasn't pleased with her behavior, her mom loved her just the way she was. And she loved that Justin was her best friend, because she knew that Anissa was always happy when she was with him. But her dad, on the other hand, didn't approve of their friendship. Sometimes it seemed like he almost hated Justin! But maybe he was just being an over protective father.

"So you want to climb the tree?" Justin asked, standing infront of the huge tree.

"Yeah, what I need to show you is up there!" Anissa answered, excited.

"Okay!" And with that said, both little kids started climbing the tree.

"So where is it?" Justin asked, once they were on top of the tree.

"Here!" Anissa pointed to the left of where she was sitting.

"Whoah!" Justin said, smiling. He was looking at both of their names carved on the tree.

"How did you do it?" He asked.

"With my dad's knife, but I already put it back so he won't get mad. Do you like it?"

"Yes! Like this, we'll never forget about eachother and we'll always be bestfriends!"

"Yeah!" Anissa replied smiling. Then, a thought popped in her head. "Do you think we'll get married whenever we grow up?"

"Eeeww!" Justin replied, while wrinkiling his face. Then, out of nowhere they both burst into laughter.

"Well you should probably leave, before my dad gets back from work." Anissa said while climbing down the tree.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow!" Justin replied, running to his house. But then, he heard someone's voice, calling him.

"Justin... Justin... Justin! Justin! JUSTIN!" He opened his eyes in less than a second, as he felt something slam his chest hard.

"OUCH!" He yelled in agony.

"Sorry, but I've been calling you for the past ten minutes and you just wouldn't wake up!"

"Well excuse me, I was having a wonderful dream!" He said deffensively.

"Oh yeah, what about?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Well, it wasn't exactly a dream, it was more like a memory. Remember when you carved our names on the tree?"

"How could I ever forget that? We still climb that tree haha!" Anissa replied, still having that memory from nine years ago.

"Yeah and it was great reliving that moment, until someone decided to wake me up!" He said, still rubbing his chest.

"Well sorry, but I'm just really excited to go live with you!" She exclaimed happily.

"I'm excited too, but we don't leave till eight PM." He reminded her, checking his phone for the time. "And its bearly nine AM."

"Yeah, yeah, I know! But since I won't be seing my parents for a long time, I want to spend all day with them, and with your family too! You know, all of us together!" She explained.

"Well I don't think your dad will like to spend the whole day with me, but fine!" He knew it was hopeless to argue with Anissa, and it would save them a lot of time if he just gave in now.

"Yay! Now shower and get changed, but hurry!" She said, running out the door.

~30 min later~

Justin walked over to Anissa's house, and since there was nobody inside the house, he assumed that they were in the back yard. And sure enough, there they were. Even his mom and grandparents were there! And of course, so was Anissa's dad.

"Hello Mr. Johnson." Justin tried being polite.

The tall man didn't say a word, he only gave Justin a not-so-kind look.

"Yep, he hates me." Justin whispered to himself as he walked away. And he probably hated him now more than ever, since he was taking his daughter with him. But Justin always wondered the same thing. Why did he dislike him so much? Why didn't he like him to hang out with Anissa?

"Justin!" Anissa screamed, and tackled him to the ground, interrupting his thoughts. They both started laughing, then helped echother up.

"Ouch, I think you dislocated my shoulder." Justin whined. "Have you thought about joining the wrestling team?"

"Haha shut up you cry baby!" She then grabbed his hand and pulled him into her house. "Come on, we gotta help out to get everyting ready for the BBQ."

~The rest of the day was just cuality time with their friends and family~


"Kay mom, well I'll go get my suit cases since its almost time to leave." Anissa told her mom.

"I'll help you!" Justin yelled, running after her.

When they walked into the living room with the suit cases, everyone was waiting there, in silence.

"I'll miss you hun!" Anissa's mom whispered to her, while she gave her a tight hug.

"I'll miss you too mom!" She replied, hugging back.

"I hope you come back soon, my little princess." Her dad whispered to her. Anissa didn't reply, she simply hugged him.

"I love you dad!" She finally spoke.

"I love you too baby!"

"Well, we have to go now." Justin announced.

"Okay, bye!" Anissa said goobye one last time, then headed out the door. She felt sad leaving her family, but happy that she would be living with Justin. She had mixed feelings.

"I know you'll miss it here, but don't worry, we'll come to visit as often as possible!" Justin tried to enlighten the mood. Anissa simply nodded.

"I sure hope so." She said under her breath.

When they climbed the airplane, she took the seat next to the window. Then, as the plane started, she saw everything getting smaller and smaller. Wow, she would sure miss Canada! How could she not? She had so many great memories here.

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