My little bird

Peyton has always been a fan of Ed Sheeran, what happens when she gets to meet her idol?
read to find out :D


2. its a date!

After making it in time for class Peyton looked out the  window still not convinced by what had just happened. " during the roman history, we had several king periods starting with Romulus in 753-- who's phone is ringing?" The teacher said but Peyton didn't hear a thing until she felt a small poke.

" hey your phone ringing" the guy sitting next to her said. " I'm so sorry" she quickly turned off. Ed walked in his tour bus to manager freaking out. " where have you been I've been calling your phone all morning" he threw his guitar on the couch taking a seat next to it. " I went for a walk and I don't have my phone with me, talking about phone do you have Sam number I need him to repair this phone the camera isn't working." His manager raised an eye examining the phone. " since when is your phone pink?" He let out a long yawn. " it isn't its for someone now are you gonna call him?"

" is it a girl's?"  " Peyton."  "Peyton?" He smiled to himself, " that's her name." It's been a while since he writing a song he grabbed a paper and started scribbling a few words. "Call sam!" He yelled to his manager. Peyton looked down to her watch and sighed of relief the day was finally over.

Just as she walked out of school Eds phone rang she looked at the number recognizing it since it was hers. " hello?" She could hear a small snicker at the end of the line. " did you know that you sound really cute when you talk on the phone." Was he being serious?

"You sound pretty amazing on the phone too" wait what did she just say?

" I mean I'm still shock over the fact we've met ad are actually talking on the phone" she nervously laughed hoping he didn't she was a total weirdo.

" thanks, so I got your phone phone repaired and the camera works perfectly." He could sense that she was  smiling through the phone. " thank you so much! How could I ever repay you!"

 "How about you treat me out! I'm pretty hungry!" She agreed to treat him out. " I'm actually ordering some Chinese food and watch a couple of movies at my place why don't you come by?"

 " it's a date" he said, she turned bright red. " okay ill text you the address to my place." And with that she stood in shock.

" oh my god" she yelled happily forgetting she was still in the hallways in school and everyone was staring at her."oh sorry" she said running off.  

  "Your home early?" Will shouted out of the living room. "Omg why is the house such as mess" she picked up her dirty clothes throwing them into the lay drag bag. " since when do we care about the house looking clean! Hah it isn't like Ed sheeran is coming over!" She stood quickly looking nervous.

" your kidding me! Your fucking kidding me he's coming? You met the Ed Sheeran the guy you cry over all the time?" She nodded biting her lower lip. " crazy right?" Will jumped off the couch standing next her. " so you guys have a date or something? On your quality time?" She nodded. " I forgive you this time but you owe me coffee" 


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