My little bird

Peyton has always been a fan of Ed Sheeran, what happens when she gets to meet her idol?
read to find out :D


1. meeting him.

Peyton had woken up late again for her classes, for some reason she couldn't fall asleep at night and this was affecting her a bunch. She quickly hopped into the shower and brushed her teeth at the same time. She finally grabbed her high waisted khaki skinny pants and white laced shirt. " running late again?" She turned around to see her roommate and best mate waking up. " Will! I'm sorry was I being loud?" He shook his head slowly let out a yawn. " I need to get ready for work anyways" he handed her backpack and her sunglasses. " pizza or Chinese today?" She put on her sunglasses and grabbed her longboard leaning on the side of the door. " Chinese! Ill grab the movie too! See you tonight" Peyton had moved from the Uk to study in Canada for the year, she was quite scared of the fact that shed be there alone with her friends and family until her best friend got accepted to the same university as her. Will and Peyton had known each other every since they were five, since then they were inseparable always doing everything together. She started riding down the hill hoping that her bus hadn't passed. "Hold that bus please!" She yelled as the last person was climbing in. " yes made it" she smiled at herself taking a seat in the back next to the window.    So far she quite liked Canada people were nice, the coffee was cheap and tasty. And the snow days are amazing! She was a really sport girl but did enjoy being her girlie self from time to time. She never really had a boyfriend but she did have alot of guy friends. Since the bus ride was a while she pulled out her iPod and listened to one of her favorite songs Sofa by Ed sheeran. Although she lived in the Uk she had never gotten a chance to see him perform nor meet him. If she could see him just once she'd probably thank him for making her life a little more easy..if only. " next stop Blair station" she looked out the window when she noticed a red headed boy waiting for a bus carrying a guitar bag as a few girls are asking him for an autographs and picture. " STOP THE BUS" she yelled rushing to the front of the bus. Everyone in the bus stared at her, but she didn't care she needed to see for herself if it was really him. " please I need to get off this bus" the bus driver turn to her. " miss I can'-- " " look there someone out there that I need to see and if I don't I might never get a second chance, please sir I need you to stop the bus" with a hesitation moment the bus driver gave her a smile and stopped the bus. " this person must really be important" she smiled and nodded. " you have no idea" she rushed. She grabbed her longboard and skate towards the station hoping he was still there. " what if it wasn't him?" Why was she getting so excited and scared? She had finally made it but no signs of the red headed boy. Her heart started aching, she got off her longboard and walked upstairs towards the tunnel to take next bus, " why am I sad?" She mumbled to herself as tears started flowing up, and without looking where she was going she tripped over herself causing her person in front of her to fall with her. " I'm so sorry" she said trying to get off of the person who she was on top of. " it's fine are you hurt?" She knew that voice, such a soft voice she looked down and stood there in shock. " it's you" she whispered, " are you sure your not hurt your crying?" it was Ed he was on the floor next to her, this had to be a dream, she pitched herself. " ouch, okay so it's not a dream. Oh I'm fine! Are you okay?" He nodded and got up on his feet giving her a hand. " I'm assuming you know who I am by the way your staring" she couldn't help but to laugh nervously. " I ran all the way here to see you. I know you probably hear this alot. But I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the courage to chase my dreams and helping me go through the hardest days of my life, your music truly inspired me" before she knew it she gave him a hug, to her surprise he hugged her back. " I'm glad I was able to help" he said to her. " is it alright if we can take a picture I don't think my best friend will believe that I met Ed Sheeran" he nodded as she pulled her phone. He wrapped his around her neck leaning closer to her face making her blush slightly. Her phone wouldn't take the picture. " oh it's not working..sorry this normally doesn't happen" she tried again but no luck. " well that fine--- Ed pulled out his phone and took a picture of the two of them. " why don't you take my phone, I know a guy who can fixe your phone you can use mine in the meantime." Peyton tried to give him back his phone. " I couldn't I mean its your phone." He leaned in closer to her. " I want you to use my phone okay?" She stared into his eyes and nodded. " okay!" Just as she was about to say something else she looked at her watch. " oh shoot  I'm going to be late for class" " how about we meet up later...I don't know your name?" She smiled and jumped on her board. " Peyton! It's Peyton by Ed" he watched her as she skated off. " Peyton.." He mumbled under his breath.  

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