my judgements clouded

tori and saidey love 1D and when they go to a signing niall falls for tori, but if she wants to be with niall she has to leave saidey and go to a different country... what will she do?


3. We're here

Tori's P.O.V

"Omg!!! We are finally here at the one direction signing" I said. Saidey told me she has never been more excited in her life. I totally agree with her. This signing is at a mall and it is very very very crowded. I said, "I've never seen so many directioners before." "Yeah" said Saidey, talking like she just ran a mile. Was her heart beating that fast?

We walked into the mall. It was three hours before one direction accually arrived, and the line was already full. That got me pissed. But whatever, it is what it is, and it is. And it is totally worth it. We waited on that line for three hours plus 20 minutes. Then I see five beautiful heads. One blond head with a quiff, another one with dark brown hair, another one with a brown bed head, another head with a crew cut, and one last head with beautiful curly locks that shine in the sun. my hair is just brown and very curly, while Saidey's hair is blond and always strait.

Anyway my cheeks hurt so much. I can't stop smiling. Saidey is smiling hard too. I can see her white shiny, but crooked teeth. She is bouncing up and down but still on her feet. She looks like she is going to fall. But I am way too happy to care.

We are five minutes away from the signing table, and I feel so many butterflies in my stomach. Will I throw up on them? Will I faint in front of the boys onto the floor? I am soooo worried.

"Ok now, breath tori breath" I said to myself. I walked a few steps and I reach the signing table. Harry was up first. He signed my album cover, then I gave him a homemade cookie. He said it was delicious. Yeah I freaked! Then Zayn signed my album cover and I told him "I like your hair" , and he said thank you. I told Liam I love you and he called me "babe" and I laughed. I gave Louis a carrot and he ate it right up. That made my day. Last but not least was Niall beautiful Horan. I told Niall "I like your eyes" and he said back "your eyes are beautiful too, I chuckled and smiled at the ground. He asked me for my number, and I covered my mouth with my hand. I wrote down my phone number on his hand. I almost cried. This is the best day ever.
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