my judgements clouded

tori and saidey love 1D and when they go to a signing niall falls for tori, but if she wants to be with niall she has to leave saidey and go to a different country... what will she do?


6. I'm too scared to tell her

Niall's P.O.V.

Tori is a beautiful girl, and I want to invite her to the one direction halloween part that is in two days. Two days!!! I am afraid to ask her. I mean she is my girlfriend and all, but I'm just too afraid. I can't do it. What if I'm not right for her? What if she doesn't think I'm good enough? I want her to like me for who I am, not because I'm in one direction.

I am being a caveman for the holiday, I think tori should be a cave girl, and we could be all matchy. That'd be very adorable for a couple.

I'm going to call tori now. "Hi love", "hi Niall" she says. "I have to ask you a question" I tell her. " what is it babe?"." Well I was wondering if you wanted to go to the one direction halloween dance?" I ask. " that sounds amazing, I would love to!" She replies. I hang up super exited. When I see her in person I will give her he details.

It's the day after, and the party is tomorrow. I tell Tori that the party starts at 6:00 and it ends at 9:00. And that Harry Styles is hosting it at his apartment he is renting for the tour. I told Tori about the matching costumes and she agreed. This will be the best halloween ever!!!
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