my judgements clouded

tori and saidey love 1D and when they go to a signing niall falls for tori, but if she wants to be with niall she has to leave saidey and go to a different country... what will she do?


1. excited

tori's P.O.V

my mother just got me two tickets to a one direction signing. I was extremly happy, and i almost cried. this was the best day of my life!

instantly i called my best friend Saidey. She also loves one direction. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" saidey screamed at the top of her lungs, which made me pull my phone away from my ear, so she wouldnt pop my eardrum. Saidey hung up the phone right after screaming. I tried to call her back but it was not working. 5 minutes later saidey's mom's car pulls up in my driveway. I sprinted out my front door and go hug her. We were filled with excitment.

Our neigbors called my house and thought something was wrong, but my mom told them that we got tickets to a signing and that we were just very excited.

We ran to my room and started kissing all of my one direction posters i have in my room, and trust me i have alot. When i do this i feel like im not your normal, average, teenage girl. I feel like a crazed fan that fangirls and blogs about my favorite celebrities all the time, well the funny thing is that it is true!
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