You knew all along

It's about a girl who got hurt from her loved one but what she didn't know is that he kept secrets from her that bring her toward the truth of their relationship.


4. You knew all along

Mileys POV~~~~~
We were watching a movie till I checked my phone. 4:50 sh&t. " hey Liam start packing, I gotta go pack up for tomorrow, go start" he stood up and I was about to walk out " what no good bye kiss" I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips and he smiled " ok bye liam " and I walked out and giggled, haha wow I never knew we would date just by seeing each other again. It's been a while, anyways I called a taxi since I know the lim driver would be asleep, and I don't want to wake him up.

I got ome 10 minutes later. I opened the door slowly and tiptoed but then the living room light flickered on, and believe ts air living room, so the light burned my eyes. I brushed my brown curls back with tiredness but of course I saw Lauren mad so I have to sit down and explain " well you look real pretty today, did you get a new haircut cuz t really suits you......" she cut me off by putting her hand up " no kissing u this time, now explain " I huffed and sat down, but first I threw my shoes off and laid down " well see, Khiall kissed me, and I walked out cuz he tought it was fun and games but that not the Khiall I know of, I walked to the milkshake sho cuz you know milkshakes make me happy, and I me Liam there, Liam hemsworth. And he bought me a milkshake and we had fun talking then I went over to his house. We kissed and now were dating." I said the last part quick and she just shook her head.

" Miley don't you understand I was sick worried i didn't know you would be this late, I thought you would come home early and wow was I wrong. Miley. Ur only 16 ok, now you lost your privilege of staying out till 12:00 at Night " I screamed after she said that and I fell tot he couch screaming into a pillow and I kept screaming until she took it back " ok, ok, ok fine ur next time I'm serious" I stood up and hugged her and gave her and innocent smile " thank you now I'm going to bed cuz I am tired good night" I sang and I heard her laugh and I walked to my roomand fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up with an alarm sound near my ear. Of course my dad. " WAKE UP MILEY SMILEY!!" he screamed " DADDY KNOCK IT OFF ONT YOU SEE IM TRYING TO GET MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!" I heard him laugh and someone lifted me up " yes we'll thats over now go take a shower you have a big day" and he put me in the bathroom and closed the door, I went and locked It incase any tricks will be played. I took a nice steaming shower that massaged my back with its heat. I got out and dried my self then Put my robe on and started with my hair, I dried it and tied it up In a messy bun, then I put mascara, eyeliner, and some watermelon lip gloss. I went to my closet quickly and got out a nice petite neon scuba skater orange dress, some black vans. A rose embellished necklace, and mix bead stretch bracelet and I wore them. I then took my hair out of the messy in and brushed it, then I left it down. I walke down stairs to everyone and my dad playing the guitar and I went sat next to him " now there is my princess" he kissed my forehead and I nodded the I turned to see the boys on the other couch watching us except Zayn who is on his phone. I smiled an glanced at Harry, that jerk hair headed freak. Just turned to dad " well les go start off our adventure" and we headed off to the tour bus, I said bye t everyone, even my horse blue jeans " I'll be back to ride you I promise" I walked int he tour bus, and huffed, this is going to be some adventure.


Hope u liked it and plz like and favorite......well BYEZ I love you all
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