You knew all along

It's about a girl who got hurt from her loved one but what she didn't know is that he kept secrets from her that bring her toward the truth of their relationship.


3. You knew all along

Mileys POV~~~
I don't know what I just did but I think I just kissed Khiall, I mean it's not bad, bit Khiall is like my older brother. I walked out of his grip, it wasn't me who kissed I'm it was him. He gave me a smile and I just walked out of the room and went outside for fresh air, I sat down on the bench and huffed. I just want the tour to be over but my luck it's for 2 years. Not fully, we have 3months off evey 2 months, but I just want to go back to Tennessee and go on with my life, I don't want to stay with a jerk who ruined my past life. I yawned and looked at my heels and saw that they were stopping the circulation of my feet. They were rubber that's why, but if people don't see me wearing these things they seriously go crazy, the other day they saw Paris Hilton go out with any makeup and people went crazy. Seriously I just want to have a private life for once, I don't like when paparazzi go after you, but only my favorite Alison silva. He is an amazing pap, he gives me the most privacy from all the papz I've been thru. I looked back up and saw amazing crystal stars, I was really craving a milkshake now for some reason. I love milkshakes a lot, they are delicious. Wow I really am craving a milk shake, I got u and walked around the streets, well I know where im going to the milkshake shop that is down the street from here. I walked with aching feet but I don't care I'm hungry. I was also cold because Im wearin the smallest piece clothe, and heels that hurt, but then I heard a click and a flash came toward me, I looked over and saw Alison silva " hey Alison" " hey Miley sorry I scared you just needed one for the night" I smiled and giggled " ok bye I'm going to get a milkshake" he waved bye and I waved bye, he was the best. I kw it's going to be on the news tomorrow but since it's Alison he doesn't switch my words around. I walk in the shop and saw a really cute guy ordering a shake, he turned around and it was Liam hemsworth " oh hello Miley" I smiled and we hugged " you look amazing " he said and I blushed " I was at a party for my performance, but I got out cuz some guy kissed me and that guy was like my brother, so now it's awkward and the wors part is that I'm touring wth one direction and Harry styles" I started crying into his shoulder and I knew he was on shock cuz it took him time for him to hug " do you want a milkshake I know you love them" I looked up in surprise " how do you know" he stil and hugged me " because our that amazing to be look up" I giggled and blushed. He got my favorite that's vanilla and strawberries, yeah I know it doesnt sound good for others but it is my favorite and very delicious.

We were sitting on the benched outside drinking out humongous milkshake bottles, yep I know sounds wrong but they are We laughed and joked around then we found each other holding hands cuddling up while walking and we pulled apart. " so where are we going?" I asked and he smirked " let's go for a swim at my place" I giggled and said " are you serious it's like 1:00 in the morning " he lifted me over his shoulder. We heard millions of clicks ever since I got in the milkshake shop and I wasn't alison cuz he would have a crazy flash on his camera, they took pictures ever since the milkshake till now so all we did is going to be on the news tomorrow but I don't care. He put me down and then all of a sudden we were starring at each other and we heard many flashed and clicks. Then we kissed and I didn't care f the noises and flashes that are burning our eyes. Our lips moved in sync, his soft warm lips romed around my lips. I smiled and we pulled apart, I was blushing for sure and I could see he is. I laughed at that and we walked in his house. I've been here before, when we shot the other movie we did, our whole cast swam at his place then my place the next day. We walked in and I sat down and looked at the time, I looked at the clock and I was right its 1:53 it's like 2:00 in the morning. Dangit. " look Liam it's 2:00 int the morning I gotta go I have my tour tomorrow." I said and he looked upset. " we'll I'm going to miss my girlfriend " I scrunched my nose " you have a girlfriend " he laughed and said " well you of u course only if you want to?" I nodded and we kissed, I blushed nd he poked my cheek and made a weird face that made me laugh, " so I heard ur going on tour" he said disappointed and I kissed his cheek " I mean if you want you can always come" he started jumping around in excitement. I laughed and hugged him. I love him already.

Harrys POV~~~~~~
I saw her run out, wow I don't now what happened but she doesn't seem to happy about it. I saw her kiss him but I'm not sure if it was her who did it or him but I'm sure it's him. I didn't follow her, I know that she s upset and the last thing she needs is me going to cheer her up. I sat down and huffed then Lauren came over to all us boys. " ok come on boys no more party time, we have a big day tomorrow" we huddled outside and she led us to the limo " where's Miley?" she asked and we shrugged and we all got in and she as down infront of us " ok well all I know is th Miley will form back she literally can't live wihtout me she always has to say something to me, weird" we laughed with her and just sat down calmly but Lauren kelt calling her phone and I took it from her " calm down I know Miley would always come back well she used to do that..." I trailed off and they all tuned their heads to me " Harry tell us what happened between you to" Louis smirks and I slap his arm and he weeps.

" 2 years ao we dated, and I only acted her cus I wanted her in bed....." I said that part very Low and I saw Lauren get mad " so ur tha boy that hurt her" she said with all sass " may I finish or I could not say anything I'm fine with that" they shook their head and optioned their hands fr me to continue " so yes i only dated her because of that and my girlfriend didn't know, but yes she did find ur and broke up with me, so I took Miley virginity and went chasing after my other girlfriend and Miley was confused but finally understood hat I did and left with a shuddered heart" I finished wi their jaws all down and anger on Lauren's eyes, Lauren also shook her head and path her face in her hands and shook her head " what am I going to do with you boys all the boys in the world, Miley doesn't deserve this, she is a sweet girl who is living her life, but you had to ruin it, Harry you're messed up. Seriously you're explaining this like it's nothing. Wow ow I know why everytime a one direction magazine comes Ismail she stabs your picture with a knife" my jaw dropped at that last part " really I'm not lieing she always says before she stabs you ' my turn you dirty skunk bag ' and she starts stabbing a million times that the whole magazine is ruined. She is only 16 and you're 17 ok so don't even think yu have a chance with her and that only goes to you Harry " my heart sunk and I don't know what I should do now, I'm forbidden from her at all times. " but why it was 2 years ago?!?!?" se huffed and also scowled " You heard me right, that day you hurt her she wouldn't get out of bed she would cut her self and now she isn't going to fo that again, Miley is only 16 she is young she just started driving think of it as that. She is still a little girl, so don't hurt her anymore or it's gonna come back to you.....end of story" she growled and I just sat back with my head down. And I felt all th boys stare at me with disbelief, but it's t my fault that I did tha I was a jerk I know, but I'm sorry, I actually have feelings for her, I need her more than I ever needed anyone.


Hope you Gus really liked and plz like it.........ok BYEZ I LOVE YOU
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