You knew all along

It's about a girl who got hurt from her loved one but what she didn't know is that he kept secrets from her that bring her toward the truth of their relationship.


2. You knew all along

Miley's POV ~~~~
We walked into nandos and took our spots, I sat between Louis and Zayn and it was fn became they kept making me laugh. I don't know what's about them but whenever we're talking they just make me smile and laugh. Especially Louis is really funny, I'm positive he was boring that way. We ate our food and I looked at Harry who was looking down at his fingers and playin with them. While Zayn is playi g with my tiny fingers and Louis is playing with my long brown hair which was really long. Niall was stuffing the food he ordered which was a lot, I never knew this tiny Irishman could eat. And Liam was dying to calm everybody down even though he is laughing to. We started no stop until I checked my phone. 6:30 sh$t. I need to go get ready for my performance at 8:00. I kno wi know I'm going early, but first to get there takes 5 minutes, then to chose what to wear, then to wear it, and then to put makeup on which takes a while. Then for my hair, and then shoes, then to get the right ear piece, and lastly to practice which takes time and one more thing it's for all the fans to get in and seated in their right position. I quickly stood up.

" I have to go, I have a show tonight" the quickly stand up to and fix their clothe " look well take you their ok" I smile and nod " u guys can stay back stage if want also, I don't mind" I say cheerful and they all nod. We walk out to the car n get in. Sadly I end u sitting next to Harry and a window. I see him starring at me the whole time, and I literally want to punch the soul out of him. But then I see him shake his head and fix his the was cute.......WAIT NO I hate that jerk. We finally got here nd I ran out with the boys in my lead.

We got in my dressing room and I looked thru it as the boys sat and laid down. I picked out a nice long aqua dress nd black heels. The dress was up to my ankles but had some of it handing longer, it was long sleeves but it was,flowing out so it was real cute, but from to to my waist was all tight around my body and the rest. Flowed out. My black pumps were real high so I had to be careful. I left my long brown wavy hair down and put a nice necklace with a bracelet that were silver. I just noticed that the boys were in the room and they had their jaws down. Wow I didn't notice they were starring, they might think I'm also fat. (a/n: Miley looks like Miley cyrus but with her long brown hair/ and the dress was from one of her concerts)

I put some mascara, with eyeliner nd light shading on the eye lid. I put some nice red lipstick, with a shine on it. I had hoops on. I finished and the boys jaws were still down " may I help u " I said while putting Zayns and Louis jaws up. Ad they chuckled but Harry's jaw was still up. Perve. I walked out and shot a smile before closing they door and they waved with thumbs up. Then I noticed the stage it was ready for me to make my entrance. I can hear the fans chanting and screaming ' here comes our girl' that always happens when someone gets on stage. And I run on.


" thank you for all being here I hope you enjoyed it and plz come again.... LOVE YOU!!!!!!" and I walk out to see the boys running to me and crunching me with hugs.i laughed but saw Harry standing there awkwardly. I smirked, that's what he gets for hurting me, jerk. Everyone else hugged me again and Louis pulled me to the side. " yes" I said and he looked pretty serious. " can you plz just give Harry one more chance plz for us, for all your fans" I shook my head with a twitch in my eye and he back away and ran to the boys. I sighed and walked back got the dressing room and looked for a nice party dress. I saw a strapless black dress that reached right under my bum and was showing a lot of chest. But since it's the only thing left literally there is nothing else but it, I guess I have to wear. I wore it and paired a pair of sparkly red pumps, with diamond earring, some arm candy, and a crystal necklace. I put mascara, eyeliner, light brown for eyeshadow with the outline sparkly red. I left my red lipstick on . I grabbed my colorful purse and walked out.

" ok let's go party!!" they turned to me and their jaw dropped and I saw Harry drooling. Ewww, I feel like a slut. I snapped them out with a stomp with my heels. They shook out of their thoughts and hugged me but except for Harry. I felt kinda sad that he wasn't trying......I don't know what I just said but I take it back. I walk over to him and he was playing temple run, I watch him. But then he finally notices an quickly puts his phone away and he was blushing. I just walk away with a strange look on my face and we pile ingot he car. " uhhh... Where are you taking us" Louis asks my limo driver " he is taking you to the after party duh.....take your time josh" I said and he drove off. It was real fun in the car with them since I just sat alone but now it's filled oath joy. I laughed at everything they did cuz they were crazy. I felt an arm on my bare thy and I saw harry laughing and he put it their. I flinched and he moved it away with a sorrow look. I smirked and we finally got there.we step outside to millions of people screaming and calling our names for autographs and pictures.

' Miley pose their plz'

' Miley are you dating one of them'

' Miley I love your dress'

' Miley are you dating Harry styles'

And then we got into the party room, and I met with friends and we sat down at a table.

" hey babe" my friend Khiall said and I stood up and hugged him. He was really cute but I don't even know if he likes me for that. " hey Khiall I missed you" he pecks my cheeks a million times. He was like that a lot and I giggled " wanna go dance" I looked at the boys, Louis was dancing already with Liam and Niall, Zayn was on his phone and Harry was starring. I waved to them and went to dance. We partied, then there was a slow song and me and Khiall slow danced together. He put his hands on my small waist, and I put my arms around his neck and we were pretty close. He smiled at me and I smiled back, but then I felt a pair of warm lips on mine, the tasted like mint. I looked up and saw Khiall.


Hope u like it and well BYEZ
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