You knew all along

It's about a girl who got hurt from her loved one but what she didn't know is that he kept secrets from her that bring her toward the truth of their relationship.


1. You knew all along

Miley's POV
I put the stereo on to the beat I want. I start out wi my first foot then my second, and dance away with my body moving everywhere, until I hear a knock on my dance room door. I turn down the music and open slightly see my dance coach. She walks in eagerly and throws everything down on place and grabs my hand and puts me in the position she wants me in.

" what's this about Lauren?" she quickly stands in position and nods her head for me to follow.
One step forward, one step backwards, twirl, hip out right, hip out left, flip twice and land in the splits. I follow those steps slowly and end up in splits, I guess I'm not that bad.

" omg great you started off well, so I have some new dance moves to start on today" she says while moving everything out of my way " ok Miley first I need you to stretch and I'll be back" and she runs out.

I'm a dancer, yes, it's my dream to dance, I knew the day I was Brian I was meant to dance. I stretched out my legs and arms, I know it sounds hard to dance but it really wasn't, I could dance anything, but I prefer not to wear anything tight. I'm kinda insecure with my self, I mean everyone says I should gain weight ants that I'm to skinny, but that doesn't mean anything. They just want to make me feel better, which doesn't work. I'm and only child, and 16, I know young age to be traveling around the world to dance and perform with famous singers. I also sing, I dance and sing when Im in stage that's why I dance. I sing all the time, ima singer and a dancer, which I hate. I wish I had a normal life le a normal teenage girl. The worse part this year is I'm missing our boy ask girl prom, and I'm missing it because I'm going on tour. I finished stretching and stood up to practice some dancing and singing, for my show tonight.

Lauren comes in while I'm dancing and singing and she claps her hands and of course thank her and blow kisses to the air. We laughed and then we started dancing again.

" guess what I did for you Miley" we kept dancing around switching sides " well what did you do?" I ask actually happy thi time, I hate surprises, but right now I just need a good surprise " I got the band one direction to tour with us for a whole 2 year gig" I freeze from dancing and I stand there and I see Lauren stop and quickly come running to me " are you ok, you look pale" I don't move, it I feel the tears start to form but I link hem away and sit in my place " its great yeah, look can u leave I need alone time" she nods and says " I'll be back I'm just going to lunch, we have to practice for tonight" and she heads out with out her stuff.

I sit in the corner just thinking of how horrible my life will be, with someone I hate, who hurt me, who used me for fun. I didn't cry because I heard Lauren's car door slam and I heard many foot steps coming from down the hall.

" Miley since you will be touring with the boys from starting after tomorrow, I brought them so you could hang out" I gulped and quickly grabbed my stuff. But en I saw five boys walk in and make themselves comfortable. My eye shoots to the curly who is starting at my but. It's my fault I wore shorts that show my butt, it helps me practice. And now I feel self conscious.

" your not going anywhere, you GUSY are going to hang out today and tomorrow, ok I'll lave yo guys alone. And don't tr to leave now bye" she says cheerfully and I groan and throw my stuff on the floor.

" hi I'm Liam" the one with a miny justinvbieber hair cut.mhe sticks out hisb hand and I gladly stick mine out and we shake our hands. Then a short blonde one comes over and gives me a hug, I giggle but quickly stop when Harry's and my eyes meet and I flinch my eyes away. Then a boy with a black quiff and also gives me a hug. But then a boy dressed in stripes gives me a sweet smile and gives me one bone crushing hug.

" this is Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry" my eyes glare at him and I look away " and I'm Miley" they all say hi " hey Harry why didn't you greet the girl?" Liam says in a soft tone, I grid my teeth and clench my fingers and my eye starts twitching. It happens when I'm mad and I look weird. My eye kept twitching and everyone started starring, then Lauren came in and saw.

" ok boys stay still and don't let her feel your fear." she grabs her purse and runs out, but then Louis touches me and I feel relief and come back to normal " what was that?" he asks with a chuckle, I blush instantly " it happens when I'm mad" and I quickly glare at Harry who is scared crazy that he can pee his pants. " ok well anywas back to you guys greeting" my eye starts twitching my fingers clench and I grid my teeth. I see the boys notice and move to a different subject.

" ok so tell us about your self " Louis asks and I nod " ok my name is Miley Rayn I'm from america, I own a ranch with horses, and well what else do you want to know" Louis quickly raises his hand for me to answer " louis " I say with a giggle.

" who is your celebrity crush" I think and think and say " Liam Hemsworth" their jaw dropped and I giggled " ok now you guys except for you I don't need to know anything about you " I say pointing to Harry and I see his face goes pale, high five my self and all the boys look in disbelief. I shrug it out and point to Louis " you go first " and he smiles.

" ok I'm Louis Tomlinson, I love carrots, I'm. From Doncaster in England, I'm a singer and I have a girlfriend Eleanor Calder" then Liam goes " ok I'm Liam Payne I the spoons and love toy story, and I also have a girlfriend" then goes Niall " I'm Irish " is all e says and we all laugh then Zayn goes "I'm Zayn Malik, I love my hair I'm from Bradford, And I love mirrors " I smile and everyone turns to hary and I shake my head and they nod in disbelief. I see sadness in Harry's eyes.

" umm....errr.... Miley can we talk outside" Harry finally says and I totally ignore him " so what do you guys want to do cuz I'm bored" I see they don't answer and I was about to ask again but Liam stops me " oh we'll Harry wants to talk to you, maybe you guys should talk and well go bowling and nandos" I huff and me and Harry walk out.

" make this quick I'm hungry and I don't really care what you have to say so hurry up" I scold at him and I see his face is in shock and sadness " hurry up!!" I scream ad I see his eyes starting to water.

" Miley what did I do to you, I never hurt you" I slap him across the face and slap him again on the other side making his whole face red but when I want to go again I get held back by his hands "Plz le me just talk, ok what did I do?" I stare at him with disbelief eyes ready to hurt him. " you used me Harry, you take my virginity and then the next day you cheat on me and say you have no idea who I was, I deserve to hurt you and even kill you " I say and tears starting to prickle down my cheeks that are already red, I'm sure of it. I just walked away knowing he won't answer and I made sure our shoulders hit and I walked away to the boys.

~~~~~~~Harry's POV~~~~~~~~~

Se walked right past me hitting my shoulder and I just held my forehead and shook my head and walked back to and saw her in Zayns arms and how they laughed and goofing off. They way they stare at each other make me cringe. I just shake it off, but I saw that Zayn kept looking at her bum, it's her fault wearing sorts that show half her butt, and the shirt she is wearing is a tank so pretty much you can say she looks likea slut. I mean not like that but people will think that. I saw Miley and Zayn holding hands and my heart fell. But then she let go and he also did and they started laughing and talking. But I knew I blew it, thx a lot Harry your running after girl and girl. But I know I'm going to get her. One way or another.


Hey guys hope you liked it and I really hope you will enjoy it ok bye

~~~~~~~~ Jamila loves you~~~~~

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