Its Gotta Be You

In this fanfic, Niall and Kate have been neighbors for a long time. One day Niall sees her crying outside in the park in front of their house and goes over there to find out what happened.


1. divorce

Kates p.o.v

       I was in my room checking my instagram when i heard my parents yelling, again. I tried listening to what they were saying this time and i think i might have heard the word divorce. At that moment i had no idea what to do. I couldn't imagine my life without both my parents together. I didn't want to hear anymore so I started watching TV and eventually, i fell asleep.

       The next morning, I got up and when i got downstairs i found my dad making breakfast. Then my mom came in and they told me "we had to talk about some things" so we went and sat down on the couch and there was an awkward silence for about five minutes until my mom finally said the words no child would ever like to hear. "Were getting divorced" my mom said as tears started dropping down my face. I had completely forgotten about their argument last night. I went upstairs and locked myself in my room. I started to write a song. Its what I always do when I'm really sad, It calms me down.

       At sunset, I went down to the park in front of my house to work on my song and I saw this black car park in front of the Horan's house. Then I saw the blonde kid, Niall, get out of it. Then I remembered he's supposed to be like this popstar guy. My parents never let me listen to pop music. They're really strict to me. 


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