That One Time

Elizabeth Miller finds herself in a whole new life , her parents both died in a car crash and she is old enough to be on her own. She moves to London, England to her bestfriend who will help her find a job. What happens when Elizabeth finds herself face to face with the biggest boy band in the world and not to mention their gorgeous looks, I guess you'll have to find out.


4. The Party

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

 " So who is Harry anyway?" "He was the one with the dark curly hair and green eyes. Remember him?" he kindly asked while driving slowly, " Oh yeah, I saw him talking to you." " Do you want to know what we were talking about?" " Yeah, what was it?" I asked actually pretty cautious " We were talking about how beautiful you are." His face turned a light pink and his eyes turned a deeper blue. I saw him eyeing my lips, I turned my head to face the window and I changed the subject. "So, are you guys like famous in the Americas?" I asked keeping my head at the window.

Niall's P.O.V.

" Um, yes we are." I answered I was so ashamed at myself for telling Elizabeth what Harry and I were talking about, I was so embarrassed, I couldn't help but stare at her lips, which were smoothed with some strawberry scented lip gloss, that is just what I do when I like someone I can't help it. "That's pretty cool, huh?" she asked in her sweet caresing voice, " Yeah, the fans are amazing they really mean the world to us . 

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I tried to not make the conversation so awkward, I liked him but I don't know what's wrong with me. As we arrived I looked at the one story mansion that laid in front of me. It was a really big house. "Oh my God" I said under my breath so Niall didn't hear me, " What, you've never seen a big house before?" Niall asked me while parking the car, "I've seen big houses but nothing as big as this." I turned to look at Niall he was doing that thing again, when he leaves his hand out like I was going to hold it. I grabbed the door handle when Niall inturupted me " No, let me get that for you." he exclaimed.  He was such a gentleman. 

I was suprised while we were walking up the driveway Niall put his arm around me and I didn't react. Once we walked in I noticed the inside was so much more amazing than the outside. "Hello children!!" greeted a very happy Harry in his swim trunks "Hey, you have got quite the house."I told him"Thanks"he replied , him and Niall just did that weird handshake thing guys do. "Elizabeth, let me introduce you to the girls." Niall said pointing to a group of girls next to the pool. "Uh, sure lets go."

"Hey guys" Niall said to the group of boys that I saw from Nandos and a group of girls. "This is Elizabeth." "Hi" "Hey my names Perrie." said a very pretty cheery blonde girl, I took out my hand so she could shake it, " Are you kidding?" she stood up grabbed my hand and pulled me into a very tight hug "I'm Eleanor" said a girl with pretty brown hair and beautiful facial features, also pulled me into a hug. "Have a seat" Perrie said patting the chair inbetween her and Eleanor, "Thanks",  "I'm Zayn." I heard the boy with a gorgeous brown eyes and brown hair that had a streak of blonde just at the tip of it's twirl "Hey." "Don't forget about me!!" a boy with a high voice said, "Oh I'm sorry Hi." he frowned at me at grabbed me into a hug, and then continued munching on his carrot sticks. " That's Louis" Zayn said "he likes carrots" 

"Hey Zayn and Louis" Niall yelled as they both shot up at their names being called " Harry wants us to go to the kitchen, you okay here Elizabeth." " Yeah, thanks." I said


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