That One Time

Elizabeth Miller finds herself in a whole new life , her parents both died in a car crash and she is old enough to be on her own. She moves to London, England to her bestfriend who will help her find a job. What happens when Elizabeth finds herself face to face with the biggest boy band in the world and not to mention their gorgeous looks, I guess you'll have to find out.


2. The Blonde Boy

     Niall drove Ella and I to a large modern studio that said Bush Studios in the front written in big red letters, as we stopped the car I noticed that Niall kept looking at me but used the excuse that I was blocking his rearview mirror, corny but cute.

                Ella's P.O.V

Niall kept looking over his shoulder at Elizabeth, he was totally falling for her. I mean who couldn't she was the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen, she was prettier than I was.  I'm not jealous at all I'm actually glad that Elizabeth is getting settled nicely with this boy.


   Niall's P.O.V.

Elizabeth was stunning, she was the first thing I noticed when I walked into Nandos. I really wanted to get to know her better, she seems like a nice girl she probably thinks I'm crazy I mean I did separate from the boys just to drive her to the studio. Her curly brown-red hair drove me insane and those Emerald Green eyes made me melt. She has an effect on me that nobody has given me before a feeling that I've never felt, she made me think diffrently like she had mind powers or something. I was to nervous to talk to her I thought I would say the wrong thing and make her think wrong about me. Even though I just met her.

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

Once we arrived at the studio Niall opened the car door for both me and Ella, it was very sweet. When we walked inside I noticed right away all of the One Direction albums,awards,ad records.  This was One Direction's studio, Niall was so slick. " Hello there Niall." said a familiar voice, I looked up from my feet and saw Simon Cowell!!! "You've brought company." he said looking at me. "Yeah do you mind?" asked Niall sweetly, " Well of course not, what did you guys need?" " Well Elizabeth here needs a job." " Oh.. well I've been in need of an assistant for a while, would you like to apply?" "Yes, please Mr.Cowell." I murmured. " Oh, please call me Simon. So have we got a deal?" " Yes I guess we do Simon." I exclaimed surely this time making sure Niall would hear. " Ok, well u start tommorow from 10 to 5 when the boys will be here. Have a nice day Elizabeth goodbye Niall." he said winking at him while he walked away. " Damn, Niall you are so slick."  I told him while we were walking outside, it was just us two because Ella got bored and took a taxi. " What! You said you needed a job." he exclaimed smiling his white teeth " Yeah but not at such a high-class job working for Simon Cowell at a recording studio where the huge band One Direction works." " You can just say thank you." "Fine, Thank you."

       " You want to go get something to snack on." Niall asked cautiously, " I barely know you."           " Thats why we'll talk about it over something to eat." " No, you have already done enough." I said grabbing the door handle, " No, please." he said grabbing on to my wrist. I couldn't say no to those aqua blue eyes of his, so of course I said yes.

      " Were are you taking me?" I asked when I saw The London Eye which was pretty far away from where my apartment was. " Stop asking it's a surprise." he commanded.  When we arrived, I saw a huge field of grass with a crystal blue lake and nothing else but pink and yellow lilacs to the side which were my favorite flowers, since mum passed because those were her favorite flowers as well. Niall put his arm over my shoulder and walked to a hot dog stand at the far corner of the field. 

        We sat down with hot dogs in hand on the hill mountaning over the lake. I didn't know Niall very well but I knew he had a very good taste in scenarios.  " So, who are you,really?" I asked him stretching the word really "Well, I'm originally from Mulingar, Ireland my mother's name is Maura my father's name is Bob and I have a brother named Greg. Now your turn." he said smiling starting to eat his hot dog. "My full name is Elizabeth Roosevelt I'm an only child, I'm from Liverpool, and my parent's died a few months ago in a car crash."  His eyes were full of sympathy when I turned to him, " I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have asked that question." "No,please don't be." " No,really I am." he continued " It's fine, so were did you find such a beautiful place?" I asked trying to change the subject before I burst into tears. " Well we did a music video here once." " Oh really it's gorgeous, what song was the music video to?" "A song called One Thing." " Oh wow, your manager has good taste" I said looking at the view, he chuckled "Yeah, so I don't mean to be rude or anything but did you look more like your mother or father?" " I look like my mum more than my dad, I have the same eyes and hair as she used to have." 

              Niall's P.O.V.

  I studied her for a while wondering what her mom would have looked like " She must have been beautiful."I said staring into her eyes, she giggled and started blushing, it was cute how she blushed like that. " Should we go?" I asked " Where?" " I'll drop you off at your place. Is that okay?"  "No, it's okay I'll take a cab, but thanks for today, it was amazing." "Will I see you again?" " I don't know I'll think about it." She kissed me on the cheek and left. I hoped I would see her again I really wanted to take her to her place so I could spend more time with her.


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